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Comments from around the country

February 2022 - Tony's Drive In located at 1702 East Main Street, Ottawa, Ohio 45875. Shredded chicken sandwich on the menu for $3.75.
Spengler's located at 713 North Perry Street, Napoleon, Ohio 43545. Shredded chicken sandwich for $3.39.

Kiah P., from Ohio

August 2021 - My grandmother Dorothy (of West Carlisle, then Marne, then Newark) had the best recipe for hot chicken sandwiches, nearly identical to yours! She was Dorothy Gault Houdeshell, and I was just wondering if there could be a relation.

Anyway,  thanks for sharing. Making these today for my dad's birthday!

Emily K., from California

January 2021 - I grew up near New Washington, Ohio, and shredded chicken was always a part of fairs, potlucks, etc. I moved to Texas and now live in (the state of) Delaware. As many have noted, the shredded chicken sandwich is definitely a regional thing! I also cannot buy cans of shredded or even large cans of whole chicken here - they don't exist! I'll have to remember to buy some when I next go home. I have to cook a whole chicken each time - not hard, but not convenient.

My mom lived in Crestline recently, and the little Freezer Fresh Drive In has the best sandwiches - ate them several times last summer. The women of the Methodist church there made them for my dad's funeral dinner.

I came here today to find a little tweak to my recipe to make them more like the ones from Freezer Fresh. We'll enjoy them for dinner tonight! Thanks for this site and information!

Sara G., from New Castle, Delaware

November 2020 - There is a drive-in ice cream shop in Canton that has been around since I was a kid that has excellent shredded chicken sandwiches. It is called Country Cones and it is at 4219 Middlebranch Ave NE, Canton, OH. The sandwiches cost $3.25. They are open seasonally, usually from around March to late October/early November.

Cooper B., from Canton, Ohio

July 2020 - Scoops Ice Cream in Barberton, Ohio serves shredded chicken sandwiches.

Theresa, from Ohio

July 2020 - Farmhouse Ice Cream in Marysville has closed, but they've been replaced by a Whit's Frozen Custard in the exact same location. I worked at the DQ in Hilliard for years and we had a customer come through our drive-thru 5 days a week for a shredded chicken sandwich. I ordered them regularly but had no idea they were regional until recently.

Whitney B., from Marysville, Ohio

June 2020 - Born and raised in Northwest Ohio and I didn't have a shredded chicken sandwich until I moved to Lancaster and started working in Circleville. My boss brought shredded chicken to an office carry-in lunch and I have been hooked ever since. I have chicken in the crockpot right now to make some.

Just an FYI for your drive-ins and restaurant pages, Scoops that used to located in Circleville has moved their location to Lancaster. The Happy Penguin in Lancaster closed some years ago and is now a church. The Amanda-Clearcreek school boosters sell shredded chicken sandwiches from their booth under the grandstand every Oct. at the Fairfield County Fair.

Jean M., from Lancaster, Ohio

February 2020 - Although not on the menu board for years, the residents of Bryan, Ohio knew they could, and still can, get the best shredded chicken sandwiches at Pool's Dairy Queen.

Christopher K.

January 2020 - I grew up in Findlay, Ohio. When I moved to Nashville,TN in 1992, I remember asking at the grocery where the "big cans of chicken meat" were?? (Brinkmans was stocked on the shelves, as I recall.) "You, know - for shredded chicken sandwiches". Blank stare. It was a revelation that apparently not everybody grew up with shredded chicken sandwiches! I've been here for 28 years and only fellow Buckeyes (usually Central or Northern) know what I'm talking about. They are comfort food, and I make sure to bring a crock pot of shredded chicken and spread the love down here from time to time.

Jenny, from Nashville, Tennessee

November 2019 - I found this recipe from a Granville HS band event. Take a can of shredded chicken (we get it at Sam's Club) and a sleeve of Ritz crackers. Here is the kicker, two cans of chicken noodle soup. Drain the chicken, crush the crackers, and add the soup, liquid and all. Heat and stir to break up the noodles. Sounded real strange to me but no more cream of whatever soup. Also beware of the Sue B chicken as it tends to be really salty.

Alan R., from Claylick, Ohio

July 2019 - Hello! I grew up in Logan County Ohio and often had the shredded chicken sandwich at potlucks. I moved to the Cleveland area after college and no shredded chicken for many years :(. Recently had it again when I was home attending my nephews Graduation pot luck. YUM! Searched the internet and found this lovely site for the recipe! If you want to make your own, Brinkman's Turkey Farm in the Findley, Ohio area sells delicious canned chicken (as well as several other canned meats) they do mail order.

Mary S., from north east Ohio

March 2019 - Born and raised in Norwalk, Ohio. Grew up eating my Aunt Gail's shredded chicken sandwiches at all the big family gatherings. I'm now retired military living in Montana. It's a cold snowy day and I'm dreaming of Aunt Gail's hot chicken sandwich! Sadly, my Mom doesn't have her recipe. Delighted to find your site as I'm not keen on the "pseudo"; it's too new age improv. Pretty sure your Aunt Dorothy's is an original. Thanks for sharing all the fun, memories and a place to feel at home!

Amy O., from Belt, Montana

January 2019 - My mom is from Bellevue and we grew up eating "hot chicken" in the crock pot. It is a family favorite year-round, especially for get-togethers! I never knew it was a regional Ohio dish until I found this site. Thanks for the info!

Audrey, from Canton, Ohio

June 2018 - Originally from Fremont, Ohio and my husband from Bucyrus, we moved to Kent over 30 years ago and realized not everyone grew up with shredded chicken sandwiches. People would look in the crockpot and ask, what is that? One of our sons would say "chicken slop"! He asked for recipe years later and still wants me to make for get togethers. I use cracker crumbs but have heard some people in Bucyrus use potato chip crumbs, Ballreich's of course! There are many seasonal drive ins in the Sandusky/Port Clinton area that we like to enjoy when in the area. We also like to pick up Root's frozen shredded chicken, it is from Fremont, and great to have when we just want a smaller quantity. YUM!

Sue M., from Kent, Ohio

May 2018 - I came to Ohio in 1990 and had never heard of creamed chicken sandwiches before. In my home town in South Dakota Chicken ala King was popular but nothing more. When I got here every get together, festival, benefit, or wedding had creamed chicken in a roaster and a pile of buns next to it. I was hooked at first bite. I live in Amish country, Holmes county their gatherings have the creamed chicken also. After reading the story about your trip I called friends all over the country and no one has ever had one, (sorry about their luck) so I agree that it is an Ohio staple and I feel lucky to be here. I was in your area yesterday for the ice cream festival between Utica and Newark, yum.

Mike D., from Killbuck, Ohio

April 2018 - Shake Shak sells them. 179 N Washington St. Tiffin, Ohio 44883. I don't remember the price of the sandwich specifically, but I do know it's no more then $3.00. Great sandwich for cheap. I'm new to this region, I'm from Washington state. I never heard of this sandwich until I moved here. And yes it's amazing for being so simple. I think I found the receipt I want to use. Thank you and I hope this helps.

Angela M., from Washington

March 2018 - Hi, I'm from Galion, OH, and was looking for recipes when I stumbled on this page. NO ONE outside of Ohio knows what I'm talking about! I just wanted to update the Galion, OH, section. Taylor's is going out of business (if it's not gone already), but D.K.'s Drive-In has sold these sandwiches for YEARS (I used to work there in high school circa 2001-2003). I had one when I went home this past August. :) I like them with pickles!

Megan O., from Iowa

February 2018 - What a find!! I'm having my brothers at my house (in Florida) this Sunday for A Taste of Home dinner. We grew up in east Newark and are scattered across the country now. Whenever we go back, we head to Knuckleheads in Granville for hot chicken sandwiches for lunch. I was planning on having these sandwiches and on a whim thought I'd see of there was a recipe. I was a camp counselor at Camp O'Bannon and when we had them there it was just canned chicken and potato chips crumbled in -- no soup.

Molly B., from Florida

November 2017 - There was a small church at the Circleville Pumpkin show that was known (or used to be known, as I have not attended this show in many years) for its delicious shredded chicken sandwiches. Would love to own that recipe. Anyone know of it?

D. J., from Columbus, Ohio

October 2017 - I was delighted to find your site. I am also from Newark,Ohio and have been living in Southern California for over 50 years. I still have fond memories of the shredded chicken sandwiches we used to get from a small store called Butler's which was across the street from Roosevelt School on Mt. Vernon Rd. I've tried making them but they never taste the same. Thanks so much for all the recipes and names of restaurants. The next time I'm in Ohio I'll definitely check some out. I remember them being sloppy and peppery a little so that may be the type I'm looking for!

Linda, from Southern California

September 2017 - I cannot believe I found this recipe! I'm a transplant as well, moving to FL from OH many years ago. Thanks again.

Crystal A., from Florida

August 2017 - Toms Ice Cream Bowl in Zanesville, Ohio has one of the best shredded chicken sandwiches of all time! (Also some really great ice cream! But I moved to VA for college 6 years ago and remember countless times I told my friends/roommates/teammates I wanted a shredded chicken sandwich and they all looked at me like I was crazy. So happy I'm not the only one!

Jenn D., from Lynchburg, Virginia

August 2017 - I have 2 more places that sell shredded chicken sandwiches! Lyn-Way Restaurant, 1320 Cleveland Ave., Ashland, Ohio 44805, 419-281-8911 and The Dalton Dari-ette at the corner of the Lincoln Highway, aka U.S. Rt. 30, and Ohio Rt. 94 in Dalton, Wayne County. I've not tried Lyn-Way's yet, and Dalton Dariette's are OK. The best sandwiches are the ones I make! Haha

Cindy S., from Orrville, Wayne Co, Ohio

July 2017 - I was looking and looking for a shredded chicken sandwich recipe, and finally found your site. Hurray! I only seem to have chicken sandwiches at funerals and weddings, and I don't know anyone getting married or planning to die soon. Now I can make my own on a nice, regular day. Thanks!

Janice, from Dayton, Ohio

March 2017 - Hello! Romp's Dairy Dock, 4933 Liberty Avenue, Vermilion, Ohio. This is the closest place I can find to Cleveland for a shredded chicken. I grew up in Delphos, Ohio but have been in Cleveland for over 20 years. I can't believe no one has one here for all these years! I'm working on getting it added to a couple places here. Thank you for the website!

Angela W., from Cleveland, Ohio

February 2017 - I live in Florida now and have been craving one of these sandwiches for SO LONG! I've never tried to make my own, but I think today I'll give it a shot. Two other locations that aren't listed, btw (probably because they're not really restaurants) were the Heath pool and Muskingum County Speedway. No idea if either are still open - I haven't been to either one in 10 years or more.

Jess B., from Florida

February 2017 - Am only just now realizing that shredded chicken sandwiches are an Ohio thing. I joined a Columbus Grove, OH page on Facebook and posted a pic of the town's Dairy Whip sign. Many of the comments are about the DW's shredded chicken sandwiches and how hard they are to come by for those that have moved away. You learn something new every day! Thanks for including Columbus Grove on your site.

Laura C., from Ohio

November 2016 - I saw Cathy's recipe in November, 2016 Ohio Magazine. As almost all my life Buckeye (Medina County now, always before, Summit County), I never had/heard of the Shredded Chicken Sandwich. I will be getting the ingredients soon and making them!!

Donna R., from Medina County, Ohio

October 2016 - My family moved to Bowling Green, Kentucky last year , being raised in Mansfield, Ohio. Shredded chicken has always been a staple at any party that we have hosted or been at even while we lived in the Toledo area for 8 years. Therefore when my 14 year old daughter had her birthday party we served shredded chicken. I was confused as to why her friends were looking at me and the crockpot so odd and then had to explain to the guests what it was and how we eat it. It was then that we started reading info on the web and found that while shredded chicken is normal to us it isn't so much outside of a small portion of our home state. Very interesting to say the least. We will continue to make it, serve it and hopefully bring a little piece of Ohio with us to our new town.

Shelby B., from Bowling Green, Kentucky

July 2016 - How utterly cool to find your sight through Pinterest! I have been craving a shredded chicken sandwich and in desperation started searching on Pinterest. I grew up at Indian Lake in Logan County. Shredded chicken sandwiches were served at every local function from the Booster's stand at the high school games to ice cream socials, restaurants, local fairs and funerals. I LOVE them with dill pickle slices. (The only time I will ever eat dill pickles.) After living in California for 20 years and never tasting a shredded chicken sandwich, except for vacation trips home, I moved back to Columbus and 4 years later back to Indian Lake. Ahhhhhh, how great to be able to get a shredded chicken sandwich again. Until I found your site I had no idea these sandwiches were regional. I just never put 2 and 2 together. Oh how sad for all the other states. They are really missing out! Two years ago I moved to Eastern Coastal Virginia and not a shredded chicken sandwich to be found. So I decided to, once again, make them myself. My past DIY efforts have not measured up to the wonderful, creamy taste I remember so that's the reason for the recipe search. I found 3 recipes I am going to try. One has cream cheese in it and I figure there is no way that could go wrong! I have been adjusting to the Hampton Roads area very nicely, with not even a twinge of homesickness, until I read your site. Now I'm tearing up with emotion remembering all the special things and people in Ohio.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! This has been a real treat to learn about your research, look at the recipes and locations and read all the comments. I am forwarding your site to a transplanted Ohio friend who is eager to see it. He just texted me saying he hasn't received the Pin yet. LOL. Thank you for the work you've done in establishing and maintains this site. It's great!

B. J. H., from Virginia

July 2016 - I am a born and raised Ohioan who did not know this sandwich is localized. I thought it fell into disuse because of its nutritional value. My childhood (Massillon, Ohio) was well acquainted with the humble comfort food. I remember our family Sunday drives to Dalton, Ohio in Wayne county where an A&W Root Beer shop served it with their awesome root beer. The time was 50 years ago and place was Amish country. Now I will vigorously search for it and report any new sightings. I live in northern Franklin County, Ohio.

Thank you so much for access to the chicken sandwich recipe. I am cooking a whole chicken right now, eagerly trying one of the recipes so I can experience the satisfying "perfect sandwich" of my childhood.

If you still check this website please accept my heartfelt thanks. I have recently gone through some very tough times. This site has lifted my spirits for which I am truly grateful.

Peggy S., from northern Franklin County, Ohio

July 2016 - Don't look for one in Florida. They think everything needs to be BBQ. I just visited home, Fremont, Ohio. They have Roots Chicken, the shredded chicken I grew up loving. You can get a sandwich at Cahill Cafe in Clyde or buy the chicken at their store in Fremont, or any grocery in the area.

Peni G., originally from Fremont, Ohio, living in Florida

June 2016 - I am from Texas and had never had a shredded chicken sandwich that was not barbecued until I moved to Ohio 7 years ago. I have had tons now! Every family get together (for his side of the family) has them as a main dish! I have never had one as good as Fates anywhere else. There macaroni salad is also awesome. Old Fort is a tiny town and the Old Fort Country Market is also very small. Just go up to the check out counter and they will dish you up a sandwich to go!

Ashley M., originally from Texas, living in Ohio

April 2016 - Please add the Dairy Freeze in Mt. Sterling, Ohio to your list. Great sandwiches, and I'm really picky!

Ellen M.

Oct 2015 - There is an awesome shredded chicken place in Fostoria, OH called JB Twisters.

Christy B.

May 2015 - Time for another trip to Hocking & Fairfield counties! Shredded Chicken is everywhere here, every little league concession stand and high school football game has them, Heck even L&Js, the tiny little walk up ice cream shop in Laurelville serves them, the diner in town does and you can get them at the Dairy Queen in Lancaster. Delicious! :)

Stephanie W.

Feb 2015 - I'm living in Japan and I just wanted to say how much I miss these sandwiches too. I brought a crock pot back with me the last time I went home just so I could make these. I did want to add a place to your list. Cross's Gateway in Port Clinton, Ohio. They have a really good shredded chicken. They make it how I like it with enough juice to make the bottom bun soggy. :)

Anna H. from Ohio, now residing in Japan

Feb 2015 - Hi, I'm originally from eastern PA, now living in Toledo, Ohio. Several years ago I married into a Tiffin family, and learned that EVERY family gathering featured an item I had never heard of before: "sloppy chicken sandwiches". (That's what my husband's family calls them -- anybody else use that term?) Recently I needed to feed a big group of teens, so asked a sister-in-law for the recipe. I was shocked to learn she started with canned chicken (adding cream of chicken soup and bread crumbs) -- I just assumed something that good was completely from scratch. I'm tickled to find your website, confirming my suspicions that this is indeed an Ohio specialty!

Diane T. from Toledo, Ohio

Nov 2014 - Wow, glad I stumbled across your site. I now live in Oregon, moved away from Ohio in '99, and have periodically had a craving for the shredded chicken sandwiches I naively thought were universal to drive ins, football games, golf clubhouses, and so on, because they were everywhere when I was growing up. I had no idea they were such a regional thing. I have mentioned them to people from time to time and they think I mean bbq pulled chicken or something like that. My dad still lives in Mansfield, Ohio, and I grew up in Pataskala, near Newark, about 20-miles outside Columbus. During the summer I would walk to the Dairy Hut on route 310 just about every single day and eat two shredded chicken sandwiches and a giant strawberry shake. In my mind there is probably nothing more comforting and I can taste that meal if I just close my eyes. It is a big piece of nostalgia for a simpler time. I'm sure those sandwiches fueled a lot of my days as a varsity soccer player. The last time I was back was 2010 and I just about teared up that it was still there, completely unchanged, even as everything else seemed wildly different. Thank you for compiling these recipes and histories. I just made some chicken stock tonight and was searching for a recipe for these sandwiches when I found your site.

Hope all is well,

Brian W. from Portland, Oregon

Oct 2014 - I just wanted to let you know of at least one place in Delphos, Ohio serves them and that is the A&W Root Beer Stand. I'm sure there are more places in town but that is the one place I must stop when I go home to visit for the chicken sandwich. I hope your recipe is close. All I can seem to find online are BBQ options.

Stephanie K. origionally from Delphos, Ohio

Oct 2014 - The Hound Dog Hop Drive In (or sit down) has great shredded chicken sandwiches and they have specials on them once a week, buy one get one free once a month! They are in Plymouth Ohio on Route 61.

Sharon M. from Ohio

Sept 2014 - I, along with many others, was unaware that the shredded chicken sandwich, in its true Ohio form, is greatly unnoticed! I am from Connecticut and while I didn't grow up eating a lot of these delectable shredded chicken sandwiches I did have some. I would visit my Aunt and Uncle in Findlay, Ohio at least once every other year. So I knew what they were but as a child didn't realize just how special they made Ohio. I moved to the Findlay area 12 years ago, following graduation. I met my husband and now have my own children and have put down some roots! I stumbled upon your site while I was looking for an easy and yummy shredded chicken recipe to use up the rest of what we had for supper. I noticed that along with ALL your listing of shredded chicken restaurants the best one (in our opinion) was missing! It's called Dunkirk Dairy Dream. It is located on S.R. 68 in Dunkirk, Ohio. Its open most of the year, from about March to November. Their entire menu is not only delicious but VERY affordable. Especially considering their portions. $2.25 for a shredded chicken sandwich the size of a grown mans' hand! It's so full that it feeds my children for two meals!!! So yummy. I definitely suggest giving it a try the next time you are in the area. You WON'T be disappointed. I just wish I could get their recipe!!!!

Thank you for putting up your site. It was very helpful and informative. I will definitely be trying one of the listed recipes for supper tonight.

Dana M. from Findlay, Ohio

Sept 2014 - Somehow Clyde, Ohio is missing from your list. Clyde is near my hometown of Fremont, Ohio and I go to Our Town's Brewin' every time I am visiting for a Hot Chicken Sandwich. They are "Delicious"! It's hometown comfort food for me.

Paul G. originally from Fremont Ohio

Aug 2014 - I am originally from Indiana and lived in Florida prior to my move to central Ohio 3 years ago. One day, recently, I asked my boyfriend what he'd like for supper and he said "shredded chicken sandwiches" .... ok, no problem. This was gonna be simple: I shredded a couple of chicken breasts that had already been grilled, put some salt and pepper on it, let it heat up and voila, sandwiches are ready. Not!!! A week later, he took me to town, Delaware, and we had these wonderful amazing sandwiches at an ice cream shop. Actually going to make the Real Deal tonight.

Jannie B. from central Ohio

June 2014 - Jolly's Drive Thru in Tiffin, OH has shredded chicken sandwich. I believe so does Big Dipper ice cream, and probably several more places in Tiffin but I haven't been living there enough lately to go on a consistent basis. We also had them at (seemingly) every church function in Willard, OH. I miss these sandwiches and would love to find a place in the East coast that has them!

Carol K. an occasional Tiffin Ohio resident

May 2014 - My nostalgia came full circle reading how many of us crave shredded chicken sandwiches. I have to put Williams County on the list of good cooks who originally stewed plump whole chickens, skin and all and reserved the broth. Saltines were the binder, no flour or soup. Flavorings were simple, just salt and pepper. Many times I sat with my grandmother picking chicken from the bones and that really taught me life lessons of patience in teaching my children and grandchildren how to cook.

I have no family recipe. But this is how we have made shredded chicken for generations. In a pot, place a whole chicken and cover with water. After the chicken is cooked and picked off the bones, put the cooked, shredded chicken into a pot and cover with broth. Bring to a simmer and crumble saltines enough to thicken. Season with salt and pepper.

I have moved to Florida and none of my friends know what these sandwiches are. If I get homesick it's usually in the summer when we had ice cream socials with real homemade ice cream and shredded chicken sandwiches. Our club used to have a booth at the Williams County Fair and we always made chicken sandwiches with canned chicken and saltine crackers. Many of the dairy drive ins still serve creamed chicken sandwiches. Tomorrow night I will serve these sandwiches to my friends from Pennsylvania and New Jersey and will be able to tell them that this is authentic Ohio fare. Thanks to everyone who shared and made my day.

Dee C. from Williams County Ohio, now residing in Florida

May 2014 - Stewart's Root Beer is a Marion INSTITUTION! Check it out on facebook. Although the other places in Marion are good, Stewart's is the best for longer than the last 60 years. It's the Holy Grail!

Ruthie S. from Marion, Ohio

January 2014 - The Dairy Queen in Bowling Green, Ohio, near BGSU, has been serving them for many years. I worked near by and frequently enjoyed them for lunch.

Sheri F.

January 2014 - I was thrilled to find your website and found your history very fascinating. I grew up in Shelby County and never realized that shredded chicken was not known world wide. I can remember shredded chicken eaten at every church event and the BK Rootbeer Stand in Sidney Ohio is awesome. I can remember this sandwich being served at many local mom and pop type restaurants but unfortunately those restaurants have closed down years ago. I look forward to trying a few of the recipes and can't wait to try some of the local area places that carry this wonderful dish.

Cyndy native Ohioan

December 2013 - One of the reasons for great taste in Ohio is Brinkman's Turkey Farm of Findlay, Ohio. Just down the road is Shady Grove Driving Range and Restaurant (Drive-in) ... good sandwich.

Kent E. from Ohio

November 2013 - A place I grew up with the amazing shredded chicken sandwich was Whipple's Dairy Twist in Ashley, Ohio! It is about 15 minutes outside of Delaware. I live in TN now and they are no where in sight :(

A fan who grew up in Ashley, Ohio, now living in Tennessee.

November 2013 - I was searching the web looking for a better shredded chicken sandwich when I ran across your website. I started reading the bio and was shocked to see that you were a displaced Nerkite.

My wife and I were both born and raised in Newark (Newark High Class of 1957 for me and 1959 class, of Thornville, for her. She moved to Edgewater Beach in her Junior year at St. Francis de Sales Catholic School) and we now live in Hebron (just South of town on SR 79, if your memory fails you.) You are correct in the fact that nearly every Dairy Queen and Sandwich Shoppe locally will have the Shredded Chicken Sandwich high on its menu board. I think most of them buy it from restaurant supply businesses, such as Gordon Foods.

Private citizens who make a slo-cooker full for an outing use many different recipes. Most of them will include the addition of Cream of Chicken soup to moisten but will include varying binders, such as bread crumbs or even oatmeal. Some even commit the cardinal sin of using barbecue sauce.

You would not know Newark if you visited now. The town has grown a lot. Newark and Heath now touch each other and have a population exceeding 60,000. Both Heath and Newark have fairly new high schools. All of the fast food chains are present in multiples.

Thanks for such a cool site glorifying the lowly shredded chicken sandwich. I will bookmark it for return visits.

Walter and Patricia M. from Heath, Ohio

November 2013 - This was too funny to come across. I have been in search of the shredded chicken sandwich, or how to get the can of chicken, that we used to get from Newark meat market to make them. I can't seem to find any canned chicken that comes close. I have lived in Florida for 17 years and only get a sandwich when I return to Newark to see family.

I used to work at Bob's root beer stand on 30th street and those were yummy. The Dairy Isles had good ones too. But at every baby shower, bridal shower, summer picnic, someone made a crockpot of shredded chicken sandwiches. I have tried to make them from fresh chicken and they just don't taste like my memory remembers them. I hear Kroger sells a large can of chicken, but we don't have Kroger. Sweet Sues is terrible. So if you have any info to share on making them, let me know.

Sue Ann K., formerly from Newark, Ohio

October 2013 - Visited Pied Piper in Huron on October 11th. The shredded chicken sandwich is $2.75 on a soft, sesame-seeded Kaiser roll. It is creamy with a hint of black pepper. Very good taste. Since it is primarily an ice cream stand, they close for the season November 2. I'm guessing it's pretty close to the same recipe as the shredded chicken served at Faben Park. BTW, our effort came pretty close in texture, good flavor, but we still need to tinker. It disappeared pretty fast. We opted to try the cream of chicken option. Next time, we're going to try sticking closer to your aunt's recipe.

Thanks again for your web site.

Phil H. from Henrietta Twp., Ohio

October 2013 - Thank you so much for the website. I am a sailor from Lancaster, Ohio stationed in California. Recently, I have been craving a lot of the cooking from home that I had as a boy and young man. I was so pleased to find that someone had put recipes on the web. Once again thank you so much.

James B. a sailor from Lancaster, Ohio stationed in California

October 2013 - I just found your website - very inspiring. I fell in love with the shredded chicken sandwiches served at the concession stand at Faben Park in Huron. My daughter plays fastpitch softball and we were always there for a tournament at least a couple times a year. My wife and decided to make them for a house-warming/moving in party for our son and we were discussing how to replicate the recipe from Faben Park. I didn't realize that a drive-in in Huron (Pied Piper) offered shredded chicken sandwiches, I'll have to try their version. Anyway, thanks for the store of recipes, it will give us a head start on recreating the Faben version.

Phil H. from Henrietta Twp., Ohio

September 2013 - I was so happy to find your page. I was trying to find a recipe for chicken sandwich that they serve at the Wayne County fair. I was trying to describe it to someone and they claimed to have never heard of a loose hot chicken sandwich. I guess it really is a regional thing. Thanks for making this page.

Elizabeth G.

July 2013 - On our way to visit an aunt in Ohio, we stopped in Findlay for chicken sandwiches at Archie's Too. Imagine my disappointment when we realized it wasn't there anymore! Now it is known as Mr. Twister - but luckily they still carry chicken sandwiches! I enjoyed mine, although I didn't think it was the best I ever had. My husband and daughter liked them, but decided they were too plain! Obviously they did not grow up in Ohio!

Laurel A. who grew up in northwest Ohio, now living in Michigan.

May 2013 - As I sit here, I am in search of a recipe to confirm the proportions for one of our favorite sandwiches to take to a church social! I am tickled to learn we in southeastern Ohio have the corner on these wonderful delicacies! We became converts when our son was in marching band and we sampled this treat every Saturday at the football stadiums and competitions we visited in the counties around southeastern Ohio. Sadly, for the rest of America, it seems to be a truly micro-regional sandwich, we've never come across any west of Franklin county, North of Canton, OH, South of the Ohio River, or east of St. Clairsville, OH. The wonderful thing is how much pride each booster organization had in their version of the recipe. Whether it was peppery, extra creamy, chunky, had Jalapenos, or a 'secret' cracker binder, or whatever, each "area" was unique as their band.

Dana M. from southeastern Ohio.

April 2013 - I live in Medina County, 40 minutes south of Cleveland. I too was looking up a shredded chicken recipe and came upon your website. I didn't realize until I read your website that shredded chicken sandwiches might only be regional. My grandmother and father were born in Newark, Ohio and my grandfather was born in the town of Washington Court House. When my father was little they moved to German Village in Columbus. I have fond memories of driving down to Columbus for frequent visits. My father always telling of the cheap hamburgers he would get at White Castle. Enough of my story, thanks for your website.

Lisa T. from northeast Ohio.

March 2013 - I moved to Kentucky from Mansfield, Ohio and no shredded chicken. Thankfully I have the best recipe. It is close to all the others. [Her recipe can be found on our recipes web page.]

Mary Ann from Kentucky.

December 2012 - Ok, so here's my hypothesis. I believe we all started eating shredded TURKEY sandwiches and that chicken is simply a cheap substitute (read off-season left-over poultry ;-) [To test his theory, Jon roasted a turkey and made sanwiches from scratch. His recipe can be found on our recipes web page.] I would like to see some other adventurous folks out there making this from scratch, because God forbid I can't make these sandwiches because I don't have Ritz crackers or canned mushroom soup!


Jon G. from Delaware, Ohio, now living in Tacoma, Washington.

October 2012 - Oh my goodness! I can't believe I found your site. No wonder I can't find shredded chicken sandwiches around here. It must be an Ohio thing. I just asked my students if they knew what a shredded chicken sandwich was or ever had one and all said no. I told them I would make and bring some in so they can try it.

Catherine H. from Little River, South Carolina

September 2012 - I just stumbled across your website - it's great! I grew up in Wooster, Ohio - shredded chicken sandwiches were the #1 consensus favorite for school lunches, and an absolute staple at sports, band and church potlucks - as well as the Wayne County Fair. Imagine my surprise when I moved to Massachusetts and NO ONE had ever even HEARD of this type of sandwich! Thanks so much for collecting the recipes and creating the restaurant map!

Julia H. from Boston, Massachusetts

September 2012 - I find this page so funny. It is true though, they are the best sandwiches ever invented! I was just blogging about them saying it was an Ohio thing. When I did a search for a recipe for them your page popped up. My husband is allergic to chicken and we have moved from Ohio so I've never had the recipe. Great page idea! I'll put a link on my blog for it!

Kara R.

July 2012 - I grew up in Ohio and whenever we go back for a visit, I just "have to have" a shredded chicken sandwich from The Dairy Queen located on North Main St., Urbana,Ohio. Hands down, my favorite!

Gaye B. from Waterford,Wisconsin

June 2012 - My husband and I were just talking about how we were craving these, we haven't made them in awhile. I looked to make sure if I had the right measurements (we always used oatmeal for thickening-but you have to be careful, the breadcrumbs sound good especially since so many come flavored now!) Anyway, I am homesick for Miami County Ohio now for sure, I never realized it was a local thing either, I just thought of it as something that we had at home, church and the fairs. Sorry the other 49 states don't know what they're missing!

Kim from Florida

May 2012 - I live in Findlay, Ohio and know of a few locations that sell shredded chicken sandwiches - I never knew it was only an Ohio thing!
* Dairy Queen, 614 Lima Ave.
* Lima Ave Rootbeer Stand, 830 Lima Ave.
* Archie's Drive In, 433 North Main St.
* Keith's Dugout, 3112 North Main St.
Also, when making my own sandwiches I use Brinkman's canned chicken. It's really good and local too.

Lindsey S. from Findlay, Ohio

May 2012 - Hello, I stumbled upon your site when I tried to google how to make my shredded chicken less salty. I put to many chicken bullion cubes in this batch and didn't want to waste it! lol

I was surprised to not see Findlay, Ohio in your list! I was born and raised here and I can't even count all of the places that sell them here! Just for starters we have the Root Beer Stand on Lima Ave., the Dairy Queen on Lima Ave., Keiths Dugout on North Main St. Archies 1 on Main St and Archies 2 on Trenton Ave. Jolly Dipper on Lincoln St. and so on! Seems like its as popular here as it is a hamburger! Every event around here from Church events to sporting events sells them for fundraisers! I think Findlay should be the shredded capitol of the United States!! Hahahah Just thought you may want to add that to your map of places to get sandwiches! Great site but I had NO IDEA people didn't know about them! Kind of funny to me!

Christine from Findlay, Ohio

May 2012 - I grew up in Port Clinton and was craving a chicken sandwich - but I live in St Louis! I'm making Dorothy's recipe for dinner tonight! Thank you.

Elizabeth E. from St. Louis

May 2012 - I stumbled across your shredded chicken site on pinterest. I am from Newcomerstown, Ohio and shredded chicken sandwiches are a staple in my diet. When I went away to college, a few of my roommates from Akron area had never heard of such a thing! I was appalled. I couldn't believe they hadn't ever had these sandwiches! Shredded chicken sandwiches (sometimes we called them creamed chicken sandwiches) are readily available at many restaurants here. Chilly Willy's in Newcomerstown, Dari Hut in West Lafayette, and Whit's Frozen Custard in Coshocton are just a few off the top of my head. Newcomerstown's concession stand always has them at their football and basketball games too! I enjoyed your site and figured I'd share :)

Jamie W. from Newcomerstown, Ohio

April 2012 - I just found your site because I am trying desperately to find a vendor in the North Carolina area so that we can serve shredded chicken sandwiches in our ice cream shop here. That said, my family has a cult following in Circleville, Ohio, when it comes to their shredded chicken sandwich.

Please be sure to visit the Circleville Dairy Shed at 350 Kingston Pike, Circleville, Ohio 43113. Their number is (740) 474-5720 and they are now open from 11-9. Be sure to ask for my sister, Colleen, and she'll make you a shredded chicken to write about!

Karrie from North Carolina

April 2012 - There are 2 restaurants in Kenton Ohio that serve shredded chicken sandwiches. Thomas' Family Tavern AKA "Skinny's" serves the best. HUGE sandwiches for around $4.00. Yankee's Dairy Queen is another place.

Jeannie R. from Kenton, Ohio

April 2012 - I just came across your site from Pinterest. I'm from Heath, OH and didn't realize these sandwiches weren't everywhere until we moved away! We introduced them to friends in Arkansas and have now started showing it off in Japan! (Military family) The recipe I have is from when I worked at the Heath Pool. I used to get the big cans of chicken from GFS but now I use leftover chicken that I've shredded and it tastes just as good!!

Courtney K., originally from Heath, Ohio

April 2012 - Love your site. I live in the very northwest corner of Ohio. Our Fair Foundation who raises money to support the county fair serves them whenever they are serving food at the fair and at various other events throughout the year. We have had people come from just over the state line in Indiana and Michigan who have never heard about creamed chicken as we call it. Once they try it most of them like it.

I grew up in Kenton and learned about the sandwich from Dairy Queen and then the ladies at church started making them. Around here they are a staple of church socials.

Keep up the good work. Will let you know of other places the sandwich is available.

One of my friends suggested that breaded pork tenderloin sandwiches are also a local item.

Penny V. from the northwest corner of Ohio

February 2012 - Thanks for this great site! I grew up in North Canton, Ohio but have lived in Wisconsin for the past 17+ years. We always went to Maxi's Drive-In on North Main Street (closed for MANY years) for the best hot chicken sandwiches when I was a kid. Several months ago after reminiscing about Maxi's I began looking for a similar recipe and realized that this is another "Ohio thing" - like pork and sauerkraut on New Year's Eve- that Wisconsinites have never heard of. I used a combination of a few of your recipes to make a pretty good batch of sandwiches. My native cheesehead husband was a little skeptical of these "pale and mushy" sandwiches at first, but now requests them frequently, and has even suggested that I make them for a Packer game next year - definitely high praise! While I do enjoy the brats, beer, and cheese curds of my adopted state, I am looking forward to visiting Ohio this summer and enjoying all the Ohio things I miss - Trail bologna, Pearl Valley swiss cheese, and especially Jack and Rich's french fries at any fair or festival - in the paper cone with lots of vinegar! I am also planning to look for some of the restaurants listed on your site so my husband can taste the real thing. Now if I can catch a couple of Michael Stanley songs on the car radio it will be the perfect Buckeye vacation!

Ann R. from Wisconsin

February 2012 - I grew up on my gramma's shredded chicken - she was from Lemert, OH. Thank the Lord, here's where you can get them in Fairfield and Pickaway counties (if you don't have time to make them yourself).
- Fairfield Union High School Concession Stand at all sporting events, Rushville, OH (outside Lancaster)
- Dairy Shed, Circleville, OH
- Scoops, Circleville, OH

So glad to know someone else out there loves these sandwiches the way I do!

Nikki B.

February 2012 - I was searching the internet just to make sure I wasn't missing anything in my recipe, as I couldn't find anywhere that I had written it down, and it's much too late in the evening to call my mother.

I enjoyed reading your story and some of the comments. Although I can not recall a restaurant in Muskingkum County that serves this treat, rest assured it was a treat in the homes. And since moving to Tuscarawas County in NE Ohio, it is a staple at every picnic, football party, tailgate party and graduation party. Too bad the rest of the country is missing out!

Deb A. from Ohio

January 2012 - I just came across your webpage about Shredded Chicken Sandwiches. The sandwich is definitely an Ohio treat. I moved to Michigan in 1986 and no one ever heard of this sandwich and you cannot find it anywhere. During the summer when I go home (Carey, Ohio) to visit we always stop at the Point Drive In on the outskirts of Carey going towards Upper Sandusky, Ohio to gobble up a few of these sandwiches.

Carmela H. from Michigan

January 2012 - Just found your web page and wanted to let you know, I am originally from Licking County Ohio now living in Florida for the last 28 years, I also desperately missed the delicious shredded chicken sandwiches. Enjoyed the page, and in Newark Ohio the stand on 21st Street has the best in town. I go back whenever I have to revisit Ohio.

Debbie S. from Florida

December 2011 - Hey, thanks for the web site! I am originally from Mansfield, OH and live in California now. For the first 19 years that I was married, I served Shredded Chicken sandwiches as a Christmas Eve tradition. On the 20th year, my husband told me he "never really liked those sandwiches!" So now he gets BBQ beef and I still make the shredded chicken for the rest of my family. I enjoyed seeing the recipes on your site, as I've never quite perfected my mom's recipe. I'm hoping one of yours will do the trick! Merry Christmas!!

Sherry H. from California

December 2011 - There is a place in Martinsburg, OH called R&J's hot spot. I have been eating shredded chicken sandwiches there since I was little. I am now 24 and I miss them so much. I moved when I married. My husband is stationed in NC and there is not a place down here that I can find that has them. When I ask people where you can find one they look at me funny. So sad. I have been gone for too long - 6 yrs. :(

Andrea P. from North Carolina

December 2011 - Tonight I made shredded BBQ chicken sandwiches .... and as I was shredding I recalled a holiday party in college where there was a crock pot of shredded chicken sandwich filling. I was shocked to see that it was WHITE!! I grew up in Cincinnati and a shredded chicken sandwich means BBQ. So after dinner I decided to Google a recipe for what I dubbed, "Shredded Chicken Sandwich the Findlay Way" and came upon your site. Thanks for the recipes!! Excited to try them out ... it's been over 10 yrs! So funny that it is such a regional thing. I live in Cleveland now and no on here knows what they are.

Jennalee from Cleveland, Ohio

November 2011 - Loved your chicken sandwich website. I always thought they were everywhere as well. I rememer eathing them at the Wayne County Fair as a kid. I still can't pass one up. Thanks!

Jon C. from Coshocton, Ohio

November 2011 - OMG! I could not believe it when my friend sent me the link to your site!

I've got to say I'm very impressed that you've put that website together. I grew up in the small town of Minster, OH in Auglaize County. The best shredded chicken was a summer treat at the local ice cream drive-in. Great sandwich with a good portion of dill pickles. However, now that I live in Cincinnati, OH nobody knows what I'm talking about. Actually, the local grocer, Wagner's IGA, even sells roasters full of shredded chicken for gatherings and events. Great stuff.

Kyle S. from Cincinnati, Ohio

November 2011 - OMG! I could not believe it when my friend sent me the link to your site!

I am originally from Upper Sandusky, Ohio, and I have raved about shredded chicken sandwiches for years, always lamenting the fact I cannot get them in Missouri. I, too, have tried numerous times over the years to recreate this drive-in staple from my youth, without much success. I know people think I'm a little crazy when I talk about a chicken sandwich with such fond remembrance! I recently went home to visit with some friends from Missouri, and they are now converts! In fact, one of my friends was craving "that dang Dairy Snack chicken sandwich" and went looking for it on the Internet; where she found your site and forwarded it to me.

I always look forward to going to the Dairy Snack in Upper Sandusky, to have one...or two...or three whenever I go "home" along with an order of fresh-cut curly fries and a swirl cone! Yummm!

Tammy L. from Independence, Missouri

November 2011 - I grew up in the Wooster, Ohio (Wayne County) area. The church I attended use to have a festival every year serving shredded chicken sandwiches. This comfort food brings back memories of those summer days during the 50s, helping to clean the tables in the church parking lot along US 30. I now live in Indiana, and have found only found one friend who grew up in western Ohio who is familiar with these delectable sandwiches. One of my aunts gave me an easy recipie. [Judy's recipe can be found on our recipes web page.] I have also eaten them at the Golden Bear, a seasonal dari drive-in in Apple Creek, Ohio.

Judy R. from Frankfort, Indiana

September 2011 - When my mother R. Strohl, 80 years old passed away, in Celina, Ohio, I found her notes on how to make shredded chicken sandwiches. Every shower, birthday or family get together she made them in large amounts. For the church suppers at St. Paul's Methodist Church that she put together she would have the church ladies cook and shred their chickens at home and then bring to the church and she would put everything together. They were the best....My daughter and I now make them but we always say, "they aren't as good as grandma's".

Celina is in Mercer County and during the Mercer County Fair, one of the local granges Hopewell Grange has their own way of making their chicken sandwiches. They are also delicious.

Sue W. from Santa Clarita, California

September 2011 - Hello fellow chicken sandwich lovers!

I am from Ashland, OH and I now live in Cambridge, MA. I too love chicken sandwiches and can't find them here. I always have one when I go to visit my folks. The Ashland-Wooster Drive-In still sells them. It used to be an A&W but now it's independently owned. I'd give them 4/5 chickens for near-perfect chicken sandwiches. The sandwiches are the right consistency and you can taste the quality ingredients. They're about as messy as any shredded chicken sandwich. And you can get them with onion rings and a root beer float in a mug! All of this is delivered car-side by friendly staff.

I get mine with a slice of cheese and pickles, and the cook is always happy to accommodate my order. And if you're there with someone who (gasp!) doesn't like shredded chicken, there are plenty of other choices, like the drive-in's famous coneys.

Happy travels, and enjoy the delicious chicken sandwiches in Ashland!

Carolyn F. from Cambridge, Massachusetts

August 2011 - Thank you so much for all the information! I am from Mansfield, OH but relocated to Dayton years back. There is nothing like a central Ohio shredded chicken! I remember summers as a kid going swimming at Liberty park all day and saving my money to stop at Zig's Dairy Stand to get the best shredded chicken and a vanilla cone. :-) I look forward to trying the recipe!

Jan D. from Dayton, Ohio

August 2011 - My aunt, who grew-up in New Washington, OH, recently sent me a link to your website since my story is similar to yours. I grew-up in Mansfield, Ohio and most family picnics and high school sporting events served a version of the shredded chicken sandwich. It was a staple and easy and hot meal for our household.

I have since traveled across the US and the world and lived abroad briefly during late high school and college years. After college, I moved to Chicago and met and married a man from Saint Louis, MO. At one of my family holidays, shredded chicken was served and my husband flipped for them! He was instantly addicted. However, when I tried to find "canned chicken" in Illinois, it was useless. People looked at my like I had three heads and would send me to the tuna aisle. So, I started boiling a full chicken and making them from scratch.

That only lasted so long until I decided that this process took too long and it was easier to smuggle cans of chicken across state lines. I had visiting family members bring cans and I even stuffed a few in my suitcase if I was flying from Ohio to Chicago. I had been doing my chicken smuggling a few times so I was pretty comfortable with the process. However, one holiday I was smuggling quite a few of the large cans when the flight attendant came over the loud speaker and said, "Passenger Kaufman and passenger ____, please gather your belongings and come to the front of the plane." I was slightly puzzled and didn't move from my seat since people were still boarding the plane. The flight attendant made her announcement again so this time I started gathering my things and making my way to the front of the plane. In my head I was thinking, "Oh my gosh! They found the chicken!!!" I gave a nervous laugh to those around me saying,"Hehe, I must me in trouble." As I dodged people trying to shove their oversized roller-bags into the overhead and making my way to the front of the plane, I started to get really upset. "They're going to take away my chicken! How can they? Since when is chicken illegal? Maybe it is, but I've done this before and have never got caught."

As I got stuck in the flow of on-coming passengers, I passed the person who I thought was "other passenger" called to the front of the plane. She looked at me and said something about being stuck and having to wait until everyone boarded. At this point, I had made myself so upset that I couldn't contain my thoughts anymore. I started saying, "I wonder what they want with me? I didn't do anything." The other passenger looked at me with a puzzled look and said, "Who are you? What's your name?" I started to question whether I had heard the attendant correctly. "I'm passenger Kaufman. I think they called Kaufman, right?". She gave me a look and said, "I'm passenger Kaufman and I'm giving up my seat since it's a full flight and taking the later one back to Chicago." "Ooooooooh" I said and then blurted, "I thought they caught me with my cans of shredded chicken!"

A few of the other passengers who were listening to us started laughing and one guy questioned, "You have cans of chicken in your luggage?" I said "You can't find canned chicken in Illinois and my husband and I love the sandwiches!" This started a conversation (along with friendly teasing about my chicken smuggling) about the now infamous shredded chicken sandwich and where and why they can't be found anywhere else!

I hope you enjoyed this story! It still makes my family laugh!

Joy K., a shredded chicken lover (and smuggler) from Ohio

August 2011 - Good Times Drive-In in Mansfield has new owners. They switched from shredded chicken to shredded turkey sandwich, not as good as before. They are open year around now.

David C. from Ohio

July 2011 - Try RJ Scoops in North Canton. Their pulled chicken sandwiches are excellent. Near perfect. Buns can get mushy quickly if not eaten right away. One sandwich contains about a 1/4 lb of chicken.

Ross Y. from Ohio

July 2011 - Having grown up in Fostoria, I had shredded chicken sandwiches at every function throughout my childhood from Church Socials to County Fairs to Birthday Parties and Family Reunions. My sister worked at the Dairy Queen and sometimes Mom would have her bring home a sack of shredded chicken sandwiches and a sack of Dilly Bars. My all-time favorite was shredded chicken sandwiches and Mom's Deviled EggsŠwow, what memories!

Right now I'm setting up for my daughter's High Scholl Grad Party and thought that these would be a perfect compliment to pulled-pork sandwiches. I now live in the Cleveland area and these poor folks around here have no idea what I'm talking about. I was about to drive over to Root's in Fremont until I discovered this site with the great recipes. Now we'll have the real dealŠthe toughest part will be selecting which recipe to use.

Dave S. from Cleveland, Ohio

June 2011 - Just love your website. Thank you so much! I grew up in Wood County and every year in the late '50s through the mid '60s we went to Fostoria on Christmas Eve to my grandparents. Grammy always made mock chicken sandwiches. The only thing I know for sure about the recipe was that it included pork and I don't think there was any chicken meat in it at all. They were good, but not as good as a true shredded chicken sandwich. We live near Cleveland now and I don't think there's a shredded chicken sandwich to be had in the whole county (except at our house ­ my daughters always request them for special occasions, including Christmas Eve, of course).

I make mine with canned chicken when I can find it, otherwise I stew a bird. I like to make a homemade roux with canned broth and white flour (although creamed chicken soup from the can is about as good). My secret ingredient is white pepper. It's even difficult around here to find decent canned chicken. "All white meat" does not achieve the most authentic texture, people. I'm just thrilled to learn about Keystone Canning. Thanks a million Howard H.!

My favorite place to buy a perfectly seasoned shredded chicken sandwich is at the Dalton Dari-ette Drive In Dalton, Ohio. Haven't been there in years, but I just checked and sure enough, shredded chicken sandwiches are still on their menu. The fries and banana milkshakes are great, too, but personally I'd rather save room for a second shredded chicken sandwich.

Judi P. from Cleveland, Ohio

June 2011 - My grandmother, Cora B. Smith from Tiverton Center, Ohio used to make shredded chicken sandwiches for our Christmas Eve gatherings. I think she used crushed Ritz crackers and some cream of mushroom or cream of chicken soups. She ran the General Store there but it has since burned down. My father, Chuff or Maurice E. Smith, was an auctioneer. In the back part of the general store was an auction warehouse. On the auction nights, Grandma Cora B. would sell hotdogs and shredded chicken sandwiches. So Yummy! Tiverton Center still has a town pump where 3 roads come together. One of which is Rt. 206. Mostly Amish live there now. My father passed away when I was 9. I have such wonderful memories of Tiverton Center. My father also played the tuba in the Walhonding Rube Band. It seems that where ever they played, shredded chicken sandwiches were served or sold.

When I went to Clarksville, TN, they had never heard of the shredded chicken sandwiches. When I made some for a party, they loved them. So it must be a recipe known mainly in Ohio. Maybe in Indiana or PA. too. I had trouble finding the recipe while in TN. I have it in one or two of my 85 cookbooks. So when I don't want to go through all of the cookbooks or I don't have access to them , I am thankful for your web site.

Nancy S. from Mount Vernon, Ohio

June 2011 - I've had these sandwiches for the past 30+ years at the Hancock County (Ohio) fair. I was suprised that Taste of Home magazine doesn't even have a recipe for them. Thanks for creating the website!

Amy W. from Grove City, Ohio

May 2011 - When I moved to Gilbert, Az this last time I started ordering canned shredded chicken and other meats from Keystone Canning Co. on Harding Hwy. in Lima, Ohio. I had to do this since no one in Arizona knew about the wonders of shredded chicken sandwiches.

The nice thing about Keystone is that they have recipes on the cans and on their website. Now if I could just find someplace around Phoenix that had breaded mushrooms, breaded tenderloin sandwiches and county fair fries with malt vinegar.

Howard H. from Gilbert, Arizona

May 2011 - I cannot believe that the shredded chicken sandwich was not found in Fairfield County. It was a stable sold but the Liberty Union Band Boosters (Baltimore, Ohio) at the Fairfield County Fair. I sure do miss them and have to get the recipe from my friend. Made a batch about 5 years agoŠ awesome!!

Kelson from Ohio

May 2011 - My mom recently passed away and her shredded chicken sandwiches have always been a comfort food for me. I was looking for a recipe similar to hers when I found your website. I have to admit I'm highly amused at how we Ohioans are the only ones who seem to know about this wonderful sandwich!

Here are a couple more restaurants that serve shredded chicken sandwiches: Zig's Dairy Stand in Mansfield, and Paul's Drive In in Shelby.

Lisa S. from Ohio

April 2011 - In my very small town of Mechanicsburg, Ohio the following recipe is the local favorite. [Alicia's recipe can be found on our recipes web page.] It is served at most parties, gatherings, etc. The stuffing and sour cream make the chicken very moist and filling. Plus, it is so simple!

Alicia N. from Mechanicsburg, Ohio

April 2011 - I am actually thinking about doing a shop in NYC featuring shredded chicken sandwiches. Although it has become clear to me that my experience with my grandma in Ohio is apparently the only reason why I assumed they were common place. People don't really know what I'm talking about. Thanks for the site.

Peter F. from New York, New York

March 2011 - I believe that I share your involvement with the wonderful and tasty shredded sandwiches. I found your site because I was looking for a recipe so thanks. I wanted to let you know that here in Darke County, Ohio the sandwich has been alive and well for many years. I believe that it, as well as many other wonderful recipes, was a product of the VFW Ladies Auxillary. If one of them had a recipe, then they all had it. My mom and my aunt Helen competed for best. It depended on whose house I was visiting for whose was the best. Locally here in Greenville you can get a very tasty version of the sandwich at the Dairy Barn on Sweitzer St. (Ohio SR 49) at the south end of town. Steaming hot it's always good. (Good Coney Dogs too and stuffed pretzels). Most sit down mom and pop restaurants in this county have them at one point or another. We're real farmy around here, like Licking County. We have at least one joint in each village. Like a daily smorgasboard. The little old ladies who cooked in those restaurants left their recipes and we are all better for it.

Robert R. from Greenville, Ohio

March 2011 - Hi! Glad I found your website of the (Ohio) chicken sandwiches! I'm originally from Ohio and yes, can't find these where I now live in Illinois. Wanted to let you know of Taylor's restaurant in Galion that serves these.

Zena from Illinois

January 2011 - Hello. I, being from northeast Texas, had never had a shredded chicken sandwich before I moved to northwest Ohio. Now every year my son's Cub Scout Pack serves them at their Pinewood Derby held on the fourth Friday of February. We only charge $1.00 per sandwich. It is not something they advertise, more of a if you are in the know, just show up and buy a few. It is really great that on that night I can feed my family of 5 for less than $10. They might not be the best ever but well worth the price. I can't imagine what would happen if we took them off the menu..... hot dogs...ugh!

J. Myriah C. from Bowling Green, Ohio

January 2011 - One time when I was young and growing up in Coshocton, OH, I believe I enjoyed a shredded chicken sandwich at JJ Newbury's on Main St. by the railroad tracks. That grill tucked away in the side of the store closed long before the store actually closed for business. I don't remember ordering them anywhere else. That was late 70's. By the 80's I think they even closed the A&W root beer stand (they still wore rollerskates to take/give your order). The coney's and root beer floats at A&W were awesome! But this is all about pulled/shredded chicken sandwiches. I remember having them regularly at Grandma's House. I remember getting them at Church functions and during Halloween in Keene with Aunt Dorothy. Since, I grew up around these tasty sandwiches, I had no idea that you never heard of them out of Ohio. My wife is from Boston, MA so she never heard of them. She thought I meant like pulled BBQ pork! Nope. Shredded chicken is the best! My brother even served these little dreams to satisfy everyone's pallet at his wedding. MMmmmm! I went to Wayne's Tast-E-Freeze sometimes, but don't remember it on the menu. I went to Wayne's for the ice cream anyways...LOL! Have fun y'all. We'll see y'uns later. I gotta go down to the crick and fetch a load of warshin' den put da dog out on the lish. ;) Ohio is the best!.

Jason B. from New Hampshire

[Jason also sent us a recipe. It can be found on our recipes web page.]

January 2011 - I just wanted to drop a line and say for those of us who no longer have easy access to one of the foods I relished in my younger years this site is the greatest thing, since maybe the shredded chicken sandwich. I grew up in Tiffin, Ohio, 30 - 35 years ago we were fortunate enough to have three different places in town to get these wonderful sandwiches. Naturally, we were also able to get them at the county fair every year for a week also. What was better than a shredded chicken sandwich, fresh cut french fries (salt and vinegar optional) and cap it off with a frozen chocolate covered banana.

I have since moved to the Cleveland area and have been mocked and cajoled for years when I bring up my craving I have these treats. I have recently been back to Tiffin for cross country event for my son's high school participated in. Being at the event most of the day needed a snack, went to the food tent and low and behold the big roaster full of shredded chicken just sitting there like a pot-o-gold at the end of the rainbow. It inspired me to take a lap around town before leaving again for home and found three establishments were still open and appeared to still be doing very well. (Shake Shak, Little Hugo's, and my personal favorite, Jolly's Drive-In) Knowing this now I am looking very much forward to next years visit with the team.

Love the site. Good luck. Happy shredded chicken to all!

Scott D. from Cleveland, Ohio

January 2011 - I am sitting with my nearly-ninety-year-old, mom watching TV when she says, out of the blue, "I want a pulled chicken sandwich like we used to get at the drive-in on Chestnut St in Coshocton." After my amusement subsided (seriously, she had been napping just a moment before...must have been a yummy dream!) I said I didn't recall the specific sandwiches or the specific drive-in. Then, in a rush of sense memory I could almost feel it squishing into the steamy bun as I mentally opened the foil-wrapped treat. I could smell it and taste it and the drive-in she was remembering came right to mind, too. "Oohhhh....'shredded' chicken sandwiches! I remember!"

I decided I'd search for a recipe online and waded through far too many BBQ chicken recipes before I found your site.

I've just spent a delightful evening reading the story of your quest, the varied recipes, and the list of all the places I can take her to sample shredded chicken sandwiches in the Wooster area. It's snowing like crazy here tonight, but one way or the other, Mama and I will either enjoy a favorite "Ohio special" shredded chicken sandwich from one of our local restaurants or we will gratefully try Aunt Dorothy's recipe.

Thank you so much for this fun trip down memory lane!

Debby E. from Elyria, Ohio (but visiting Mama in Wooster, Ohio)

December 2010 - I was so surprised and pleased to find your web site! I have had hot chicken sandwiches many times over the years at crowd gatherings (such as fairs) in the Alliance, Lisbon area. I never realized it was a regional dish for Ohio and don't recall my mother every making it.

Recently I was at a Holiday craft bazaar near Alliance, Ohio and again enjoyed a delicious, hot, shredded chicken sandwich sold out of a school cafeteria. So I decided to make some myself. After searching all over the web I did find a few recipes at the usual large recipe sites. What I was looking for was the quantity of ingredients for a small batch of chicken, what ingredient to use for the "thickening" and also the time needed to prepare in a crock pot. I had to do some digging, but eventually found your site. Anyway, very glad to find all the recipes you provided. They gave me the information I needed.

I thought Swensons in Akron had hot chicken sandwiches, but cannot find it on their menu now.

Elizabeth H. from Ohio

November 2010 - I love your website! We are having shredded hot chicken sandwiches as a first this year for our Thanksgiving Dinner. I am BEYOND excited! The only sandwiches of these kind that I get are when I make the short drive to Coldwater, OH to the gas station's drive-thru ... and you would think they were gourmet, they are so yummy! It has also been a mystery to me that people do not serve this delicious treat more often. I recently attended a family reunion where FINALLY someone made a crockpot full. I went back for seconds and they were long gone. My Great Aunt adds the following to her shredded chicken: salt/pepper, cream of chicken, a little mayo and a block of Velveeta. My kids are picky eaters and they never turn this down!

Amy L. from Portland, Indiana (IN/OH line)

November 2010 - I LOVE shredded chicken sandwiches, and I have tried them all over the country. Unfortunately, I am often disappointed after the first bite. However, today I tasted the BEST shredded chicken sandwich I have ever eaten! It was at Whit's ice cream. I was shocked at the taste, it was hot, juicy and seasoned perfectly! While I was in Whit's, I noticed certificates from chili competitions too that they've won. My daughter who ordered the chili said it was equally amazing. And we both had their homemade ice cream (they have 1 special flavor per week) and it tasted wonderful too. The only bad thing for us is that we live 2 hours from Granville. Whit's has several other locations throughout Ohio, just none near my home town of Canton, Ohio. I highly recommend Whit's!

Cheryl from Canton, Ohio

November 2010 - I can't believe you forgot about Marion. I was born and raised in Marion, Ohio and grew up with shredded chicken sandwiches. Our schools even served them for lunches (back in the 60's and 70's). I've been living in Lexington, KY for 22 years but when I visit family in Marion I get one at the Jer-Zee on Center street if it's open. It's only open during the summer. I'm sure there are other places in Marion you can get them but I know for sure the Jer-Zee has them and has since I was a little kid (I'm 48). Glad I found this site. I was searching to prove to my KY wife that the sandwich was an Ohio thing.

Bill E. from Lexington, Kentucky

November 2010 - Hi, I just found your web site and I really enjoy it. I LOVE shredded chicken sandwiches!! I grew up in Findlay, Ohio and moved out to California in my late teens. I still make these sandwiches when I can. My mom's side of the family has lived in Upper Sandusky, Ohio since the late 1700s. So, we would go visit the family there quite often. They had a little drive in called the Dairy Snack...that is now called Mike's Dairy Bar. They seem to have a similar menu and they serve shredded chicken sandwiches. When it was the Dairy Snack, I ate several of their shredded chicken sandwiches. They were very yummy and tasted very similar to my Grandmothers. Not sure about the new place...but maybe you can check it out and see! :) Thanks again for the great web site!

Janine Y. from California

November 2010 - Shredded chicken sandwiches are alive and well in Zanesville, Ohio! They are always at the fair, church events, bazaars and ball games! I have seen various versions using either crackers, stuffing and around here...Conn's potato chips! (my preference) We also use the cream of chicken soup and add broth as needed to prevent dryness. So here in southeast Ohio we love them! Love this site too!

Debbie W. from Zanesville, Ohio

October 2010 - I am a native of Ohio now residing in Indiana. My family loves the shredded chicken sandwiches served at the ice cream stands. Of course you can't find them in Indiana so we make them for large family gatherings. I was looking at your receipes and was surprised. The soup we use and owners of the ice cream stands have told me they use is cream of celery soup. The reason I was looking for a receipe is because a church member called and asked me for one. I have taken it to several church gatherings and everyone just loved it. I had never used a reciepe, just made it. I was surprised that none of the receipes called for cream of celery soup.

Sally H. from Indiana

October 2010 - I was amazed at your site when I stumbled across it looking for a new recipe. I thought I should mention that Toft's Dairy in Sandusky on Venice Rd. Has one of the best Shredded Chicken sandwiches in on the north coast. They also have ice cream and dairy products and are open year round. I have shared your website with my friends on facebook. If you had a facebook page I would share that also. [Aside: We don't.] Keep up the good work.

William B.

October 2010 - I was looking up a shredded chicken sandwich recipe and found your site. My son had one at from the concession stand at his biddy league football game and asked me to make them. I have had them all my life at family and church functions and other events in the community. I felt like I should just know how to make them but I wasn't sure if it was cream of chicken, mushroom, celery or a combination and I wasn't sure about the crackers! I used the recipe with cream of chicken and ritz. I knew it was easy but I wanted to make it just right. Thanks for your fun website!


October 2010 - I know that the Skyview Drive-In has shredded chicken sandwiches. I also saw on a menu today that The Happy Penguin has them and so does Annie's Cheesecake. You can also find them at the fair and other functions around here. I Love them! My husband moved here from the Dayton area and he had never heard of them. Thanks for the recipes.

Wennie W. from the Lancaster Ohio area

October 2010 - Hey love your site! Yes, the shredded chicken is sitting in the crock pot and I was out looking for a recipe to see if I could find what made it all "stick" together in that wonderful way. I haven't tried to make them in quite some time.

I grew up in Bucyrus, Ohio (that's Crawford County) and I lived for the Crawford County Fair. Of course this was circa just less than slightly prehistoric ...say the 1960's to early 1970's.

The Lyken's Volunteer Fire Department always had a food stand at the fair to raise money. It was always packed. You had to wait in line to get a seat. It was not fancy, just iron pipes that held wide boards in place for the long counter type tabletop and the same for the seat.

Yes, you sat elbow to elbow with everyone else as you crowded in to get your food. The background noise were the "food machine" or knife set hawkers. Just across the street the cane booth sat where you tossed rings to win a colorful wooden dowel rod cane with that fancy wooden handle at the top. The rides were flying around and kids would be enjoying their opportunity to be scared witless on rockets and ferris wheels that wobbled in the wind.

What we all ordered was their chicken sandwiches! French fries and homemade pie usually rounded out the fare! Ice cream if Mom and Dad were feeling generous that day. The sandwiches were indeed shredded chicken. No one would have thought about eating a chicken breast sandwich let alone reshape it or bread it and deep fry it. Yuck! That would not have been a chicken sandwich.

So, like you I've always been in search of that illusive chicken sandwich of my youth. My house wafts with the aroma of chicken at the moment as I've taken off the crock pot lid to try to reduce the chicken broth. It's it funny how that wonderful aroma floods our minds with the fullness of the life we have experienced.

You've inspired me ... I think I'll try to write to the Lykens Volunteer Fire Department and see if anyone still has the recipe and if they will share! If so, I'll be sure to get their permission to share with the world. It will be a better place for sure if we all just threw a chicken in the crock pot and feasted on a good old chicken sandwich.

Be well. I wish you enough. Your chicken sandwich loving friend ...

Linda G. from the Cincinatti, Ohio

October 2010 - Thanks for your site! I'm an Ohioan by birth now living in Minnesota and as craving these yesterday. I made mine with 3 lbs. chicken breasts in a crockpot with a can of cream-o soup (I used mushroom because it was what I had on hand but chicken would probably be better) and some broth. After a few hours on high I shredded the chicken and then added broth as necessary. Mine didn't need thickening but I stirred in some stuffing mix. And since the meat was so lean, I added a tablespoon of butter as well. I served the sandwiches with cranberry sauce spread on the bun. A little unconventional, but delicious. My kids loved it!

Amanda W. from Minnesota

October 2010 - There is this new ice cream parlor in Marysville Ohio that has the best shredded chicken sandwich I have ever tasted.

I would drive miles to get the shredded chicken from a small Dairy Queen in Greencamp Ohio years ago. It was my staple for food.... then I found this ice cream place in Marysville Ohio. It is a new place that is really awesome - hand dipped ice cream that is wonderful. They started serving Broaster Chicken and will take the chicken that is not sold in 3 hours and pull it off the bone and use it to make shredded chicken. It is a receipe that the owner had while growing up on a farm - now she is a Grammy and is making the best shredded chicken sandwiches I have ever tasted.

You should try them if ever in Marysville Ohio. The place is called Farmhouse Ice Cream Parlor. Hope you an enjoy

Bill from the Columbus Ohio area

October 2010 - OMG, I love these sandwiches. When I was in grade school in Alliance, Ohio in the 60s, these sandwiches were one of the staples on the menu. My rural school, Washington Township, had country women cooking and they really knew how to make shredded chicken. Shredded chicken sandwiches are the staple of most drive-ins in the area. Any school football or basketball game concessions serves them too. So, they are alive in NE Ohio and not just Central Ohio.

Tom B. from Mogador, Ohio

October 2010 - So happy to find your website! I grew up in Hardin County, Ohio...shredded chicken sandwiches always a staple at gatherings! Definitely try the Dairy Queen in Kenton. Planning to try your Aunt's recipe tonight!

Anonymous, originally from Hardin County, Ohio

October 2010 - Love this site! I grew up in Mt Vernon Ohio, and this was THE meal to have after church Sunday nights, along with Sloppy Joes. I ran across this website looking for a recipe to serve 50 or more. Any idea how many the recipes with a 50oz can of shredded chicken will serve? [Answer: Three cans should do it.]

Liz G. from Florence, Kentucky

October 2010 - Love your site. There's a new place that opened this summer in Marysville Ohio that has a great shredded chicken sandwich. It's called the Farmhouse Ice Cream Parlor.

Rob H. from Marysville, Ohio

September 2010 - I live in Mansfield, Ohio. I too did not know that shredded chicken sandwiches were a regional treat. We have them at every little league baseball field, birthday party and summer ice cream stand. My Mom moved to Arizona several years ago and I thought she was crazy when she requested that I send her canned chicken and ham salad because she could not find them anywhere. I shipped out a box complete with Sweet Sue Chicken and Jones potato chips. Of course, only locally made Jones chips make the best shredded chicken. We use 1 can Sweet Sue Chicken, 1 can Campbell's Cream of Chicken Soup and a 1 small bag of Jones potato chips crushed. Mix it all together and either bake it in the oven or throw it in a slow cooker to heat through. [This recipe can also be found on our recipes web page.]

Thanks for your website, I sent it to my Mom. She's going to use it to prove to her friends that she isn't crazy!

Amy C. from Mansfield, Ohio

September 2010 - I have been making them forever! Chicken Sandwich is a family recipe my grandma handed down. We grew up in Newark Ohio, but grandma was from Sandusky Ohio. I now live in NC and had to teach my daughter how to make them.

J. D. from North Carolina

September 2010 - LOVED your blog about the chicken sandwiches. I feel your pain. My immediate family lives in Michigan. Some of my family lives in Bucyrus (Crawford County) (Bratwurst Capital of Ohio) and every year at Bratwurst time we have as many chicken sandwiches as we can eat. My Mom just went back home a couple weeks ago and had a chicken sandwich at a restaurant there, but I don't know the name of it. There is also a Dairy Queen north of Bucyrus that serves them. It is either in Fostoria or Findlay.

Thanks, for sharing. I am going to check out Aunt Dorothy's recipe now, which is how I found your page. I am making chicken sandwiches tonight and I thought I might try to find a real recipe instead of winging it like I usually do. :)

Lori F. from Novi, Michigan

September 2010 - I moved to Houston in 1981, from Kenton, Ohio (Hardin Co). I grew up on a farm near Mt. Victory and graduated from Ridgemont High. I'm sure I have relatives in Lima, Marion, Findlay, Delaware, Upper Sandusky, Ada, and Kenton. (Some in Michigan as well). I found this site by accident looking for a better chicken sandwich recipe. I found out quickly nobody knows what I'm talking about, except back home. Like you said, even some buckeyes don't know about this delicious treat. People all look horrified at the very idea! In today's health conscious society, why would anybody boil in fat, then shred a chicken? Much less add a thickening to it and place it on a white bun??? So sad, what they have all missed!

I will try your Aunt Dorothy's Recipe, I think the secret is to keep it simple and basic, just like we like it! Good chicken flavor, not too much seasoning, not too sloppy, hot and wholesome. Just like the good people of Northern Ohio.

Thanks for this site.

Sarah M. from Houston, Texas

September 2010 - I came across your website when I was looking for a recipe for the basic chicken sandwich. I grew up eating these every year at our local church soup and sandwich day, but had no idea they were so regional to Ohio. I live about 30 minutes from Van Wert and though you can't get them in restaurants around here, people do know what they are and local made cookbooks are full of variations of the traditional recipe to make them.

I can't wait to go try an "official" sandwich the next time I drive through Ohio to visit relatives. The place in Rockford is close to us, or I may have to satisfy my curiosity and head to Van Wert before that.

Thanks for the great site!

Erica B. from small town Indiana

September 2010 - I found your website by accident when I was looking up about pulled chicken sandwiches--non BBQ style. I remember these wonderful sandwiches that we'd get at our church festivities made by the same lady. I ALWAYS loved them, but didn't realize how difficult it would be to find a recipe for them. I'm from the Port Clinton, Ohio area originally and reading the comments of others tells me that these delicious sandwiches must have been unique to the Northern Ohio area. I recently asked my older sister about a recipe and she sent me hers. [Her sister's recipe can be found on our recipes web page.] I've tried this recipe and it is good. I thought the addition of the hot dog/hamburger bun was different, but my sister said THAT was what makes it. Check it out, if you choose. ENJOY--all you shredded chicken sandwich lovers!!

Ruth L. from Mentor, Ohio

August 2010 - Saw your website. I didn't see Cornell's grocery store on there. (408 Cleveland Road E, Huron, Ohio 44839, 419/433-7733. Roots is sold in the last enclosed freezer at the back of the store on the left side of the store. I live in Arizona now and I have to make my own. :(

Tracy B. from Arizona

August 2010 - Outside Wooster along the Dover Road (Rt. 250) is the Guerne Heights Drive In which still serves the classic. The establishment where I had been buying them for over 50 years, the Hi-Ho on Hwy 224 in Willard, is recently extinct. Their's were the best.

Richard O., Californian since 1969

August 2010 - I grew up in Fostoria Ohio and my cousin owned the local Dairy Queen. My Aunt Kate worked there and some of my favorite childhood memories revolve around my Mom and I stopping by. We'd go in the back and sit in there and eat shredded chicken sandwiches and Dilly bars (remember those?). That was 35 years ago, but it seems like yesterday! It wasn't until after finding this website that I discovered that I grew up at the epicenter of a (very) regional sandwich culture.

Craig L. from San Jose, California

August 2010 - I was also looking for a recipe for chicken sandwiches. I came upon this website and thoroughly enjoyed all the comments. I live in a little town in Northwest Ohio called Pemberville. I also grew up on Root's chicken sandwiches that were purchased at local ice cream stands. When my children were in elementary school, we always had a school fair in the spring. Chicken Sandwiches were always served. My first recipe called for crushed saltine crackers, eggs and broth. They usually turned out perfect, but one year we mixed the ingredients on Friday evening, stuck the mixture in the fridge to cool and on Saturday morning got it out to cook. As it cooked, it started to smell funny. The chicken and all the ingredients had soured because it had not cooled fast enough with the eggs in it. The kitchen committee called a local farm woman who put new chickens on to boil. My friend, my daughter and I raced to the woman's house and de-boned the chicken. She told us to just use the cream of chicken soup and it would taste fine. It did and no one knew the real story. In the 20 years that have passed, I have found that if I add a box of Chicken Stovetop stuffing (not cooked) along with the de-boned chicken and Campbells Cream of Chicken soup, the chicken sandwich filling is delicious. Enjoy!

Saly H. from Pemberville

August 2010 - Just wanted to say I thought your website was amazing. I am from Granvile Ohio and love going home to a Knuckle Heads shredded chicken. There is a rootbeer stand up in Bellefontaine Ohio by Indian Lake that has a great shredded chicken. [Aside: We can't find it.] I now live in Colorado and was shocked to see that this was a Central Ohio phenomenon. Thanks for the recipes.

Joseph H. from Colorado

August 2010 - THANK YOU SO MUCH for this web site!!!! I am from New Washington in Crawford County and grew up on shredded chicken sandwiches. I now live in Seattle and now have to start making my own shredded chicken sandwiches.

There is another drive-in that serves them in New Washington at the Dairy Land or Dairy Queen or what ever they are calling it these days. [Aside: We believe this is now called Dutchtown Dairy Bar.] There is only one which is right next to the gazebo on the town square which means it is hard to miss. Population of the town is less than 1,000 these days. On SR 602.

Becky M. from Everett, Washington

August 2010 - I grew up in a little town called Custar Ohio but now live in California and boy those sandwiches sure are missed, no where to be found. As a child growing up our once a year treat was to eat those sandwiches at the Wood County fair. It was where we as a family ate supper that one night a year, such fond memories of those. When I got older it was Dairy Queen in Bowling Green Ohio, the fair, and a place I would like you to add to your list of places you can get them. I believe its called Ron's Deli in Deshler Ohio. [Added, it is actually call Ron's Supervalu.] It is part of the local IGA grocery store that Ron owns. They're very good and reasonably priced. Sorry I can't recall the exact amount as its been a few years since I was there. My mom made them too and they were very good, but there is just something about getting them in a deli or restaurant all warm and nice. Thank you for your time and God bless.

John M. from California

August 2010 - I moved to Phoenix Arizona 6 years ago from Lima Ohio. I could not find a shredded chicken sandwich in the whole state of Arizona. As I grew up with the sandwich, I was shocked no one out here heard of such thing!! But anyways, I came across your site for a recipe and just wanted to say thanks! I thought wow that's crazy there's a site on this topic and how awesome!

Nathan R. from Phoenix, Arizona

July 2010 - I grew up in Port Clinton Ohio where I LOVED getting a Root's Shredded Chicken sandwich from the Dairy Isle. The chicken was GREAT and they would also take the bun, stick it back in the contraption that held the chicken, push a lever and steam the bun. Absolutely DELICIOUS.

The Marine Corps took me to Japan, Illinois, North Carolina and The People's Republik of Kaliforniastan. I searched high and low but could never find ANY shredded chicken sandwiches much less a Root's. For two years I flew all around the USA picking up Army, Navy and Marine Corps deserters but couldn't pick up one shredded chicken sandwich. Grocery stores sell shredded chicken along with shredded beef and pork but it is ALWAYS in barbeque sauce and mediocre sauce at that.

When I went home to visit my parents I found, much to my surprise, Root's chicken sandwich mix in the frozen food isle at IGA. Now, on occasion, I nag my mom into sending me a frozen bucket of Roots'. She wraps it up in foil and plastic. Takes two days to Kaliforniastan. It's thawed when it gets here but still cold. I put a big scoop on a plate and nuke it, place the bun on top and nuke it for another few seconds. The steam from the chicken rises up through the bun. One bite and I go to Root's Shredded Chicken sandwich heaven!

Gus M. from Oceanside, California

July 2010 - I had to drop you a quick line and let you know that Shredded Chicken Sandwiches thrive in Northern Ohio also. In the Sandusky/Huron area we have not one but two local manufacturers of shredded chicken. Roots and Millers both sell shredded chicken and you can find it in about every ice cream shop (we call them Dairy Queens but not the Franchise)!

Tony from the Sandusky/Huron area of Ohio

July 2010 - The best place I have ever had a shredded chicken sandwich, was as a child, at Maxi's Drive-In located in North Canton, OH. Unfortunately, they closed many, many, many years ago, but I still think about their chicken sandwiches, root beer floats and homemade onion rings. I am still trying to replicate their delicious recipe, but always come up short. Two summers ago I had the opportunity to try a sandwich from Ro's Custard Creations located in North Canton (1166 South Main Street, North Canton, OH 44720) and it comes very close to the tasty treat they used to serve at Maxi's.

Stacy J. from Atlanta, Georgia

June 2010 - Apparently I am just one of quite a few people who know and love shredded chicken sandwiches. I, too, came across your site while searching for a recipe and was excited about so many people loving shredded chicken sandwiches! I grew up in Lexington, Ohio, but went to college in Terre Haute, Indiana. While in college I missed shredded chicken sandwiches so much! No one even knew what they were. Thankfully, during the summer my friend's mom would make us some every once in awhile.

I suppose the real reason for this note to you is to tell you that our cafeteria also served shredded chicken sandwiches regularly, and that day always had one of the longest lines! Ours were served with tator tots, apple sauce, peanut butter squares, and milk. I remember it fondly.

Also, unfortunately, the Hungry Heifer is no longer in Lexington; no more shredded chicken there. Thanks for the site!

Erin G. from Lexington, Ohio

June 2010 - My chicken is stewing getting ready to makes shredded chicken sandwiches for Fathers Day. I always called my Mom as I made them to double check the recipe. As Mom passed away last month she's not answering her phone, and my sister wasn't sure. So I turned to the internet and found that none of the recipes were remotely like Mom's. Then I found your website and discovered that the shredded chicken sandwich is unique to Ohio! Who knew? In our family it was referred to as Rhine Chicken. Rhine being a small crossroads in Shelby/Auglaize County that made them over 60 years ago for their church social. I think they made Turtle Soup too, or that may have been in Botkins, again in Shelby County. After consulting again with my sister, your recipe is the same as Mom's. Chicken, broth from that chicken, and a bit of flour to thicken. Can't go wrong.

I laughed as I read some of the comments. I have lived near Toronto, Ontario in Canada, for the last near 40 years and whenever I arrive at pot lucks, graduations, confirmations, etc. with the shredded chicken it is looked on with some suspicion. I now know why! What a great Ohio culinary delight. Thanks for your website. It made me laugh. All the Ohio expats missing our Rhine Chicken Sandwiches.

Ellen from near Toronto, Canada

June 2010 - The reason some of these shredded chicken sandiches do not taste as they used to is because the business that made the shredded chicken is no longer in business. It was located in Columbus, Ohio. My husband used to be the production manager that made the shredded chicken, along with shredded barbecue beef and other products. This company used to provide this chicken concoction to various Dairy Queens and other resturants in and around Ohio. The one I know of for sure, was the Dairy Queen in Hilliard, Ohio. This of course was 30 or 40 years ago, that I remember eating these delicious sandwiches. My mother finally asked the owner about this recipe, and was told that it came from Ohio Steak and Barbecue and was delighted when my husband took the job there. The resturants of course added, oatmeal (according to my mother) or some type of filler and water. Although good with or without the filler, I guess more sandwiches could be sold. There was no cream of chicken soup in that recipe. I don't use it now because there is so much sodium in the soup. Of course I have the ingredients, since they are still in my husband head, but I do not have the amounts because it was made in such large batches and then frozen.

I'm making shredded chicken for a get together we are having on Father's Day, which is how I ended up on this website. If the sandwiches turn out as I hope they will, I'll keep track of the portions in the recipe and send it along, if anyone would like to have it.

Teri S. from Galloway, Ohio

June 2010 - After searching for recipes and mostly finding variations for bbq chicken, ones that added salsa, or cream of soup I began to wonder why none sounded close to the shredded chicken I've always ate all my life, then I ran across your website. What on earth do they serve in other states at graduation parties? Anyway, I grew up in Hancock County and have had them from different Ice Cream Stands around the area. I must say my husband introduced me to the best ever shredded chicken in Logan County at a little race track called Shady Bowl Speedway in DeGraff OH, they hold races most Saturday evenings throughout the summer. For year round access to the wonderful treasure apparently only our great state knows about, you can get a great one in Allen County also, at any Happy Daz restaurant in Lima, OH.

Valerie D. from Bluffton, Ohio

May 2010 - Here's a drive-in you don't have: Doug's Classic '57 in Alliance, OH. Not sure of the price as it doesn't show on the online menu and I don't live in town any more to check. They have awesome root beer, too!.

Michelle P.

May 2010 - I love these sandwiches! I grew up in Marion Ohio and I still remember the ice cream stand that sold these. Wanting to make them at home I became discouraged when I could not find the recipes online - until I came across your site! Last year when I visited Marion I had to stop by and get one - my family in the car was grossed out by the smell but I loved it! Can't wait to make them - thanks!

Carlos L., origionally from Marion, Ohio

May 2010 - Oh my gosh, I am SO happy to have found your website! I grew up in Caledonia, Ohio. When I moved to Atlanta in 1997, I found that no one knew about the shredded chicken sandwich. I took a crock pot full to work to share with everyone, and they were scared to eat it! I mean, they eat fatback and boiled peanuts, what's up with that?! Anyways, now I live in California and was looking for a recipe to use and once again try to share with my co-workers. A little taste of Ohio! One of my co-workers is from Cincinnati, and another went to school in *Michigan* (sorry), it will be interesting to see if they have ever had one. And by the way, most of the places that sell the chicken sandwich can't really be listed, because they are high school concession stands at track meets and football games.

Long live the chicken sandwich!

Renee H. from Livemore, California

May 2010 - I was born and raised in Fremont, Ohio (Sandusky County). My family moved to Phoenix 11 years ago, and boy do we miss our shredded chicken sandwiches!! We are friends with Mark Damschroder who owns Root's Poultry in Fremont, Ohio. My Father worked for his Grandfather at Root's when I was little. After we moved to Phoenix, we missed our shredded chicken so much, that Mark would send it to us! Needless to say, shipping it here cost more then the chicken itself! Last year for my 50th birthday, Mark sent me some shredded chicken!! The best present I received!! Yummy!! Last week I was craving it so badly, I began surfing the net for recipes in hopes I could duplicate it. This is how I came across your site. When I saw you had Root's Poultry listed, it made me want a Root's shredded chicken sandwich so bad I could taste it! I may have to call Mark today and have some shipped! Just wanted to share my story with another shredded chicken lover.

Kathryn S. from Phoenix, Arizona

April 2010 - The Columbus Grove Dairy Whip in Columbus Grove Ohio sells shredded chicken sandwiches right now at $2.25 each. They use chicken breast meat only. No canned meat, no dark meat. It's my favorite place to go for their sandwiches. They (in my opinion) have the best soft serve ice cream around too. I take my family there quite often.

Kassie S. from Columbus Grove, Ohio

April 2010 - Columbus Grove Dairy Whip has shredded chicken sandwiches that are out of this world. Made with chicken breasts and I appreciate that it isn't made with dark meat. Their soft serve ice cream is very good also. I go there often!

Michelle from Columbus Grove , Ohio

April 2010 - I came across your web site and really enjoyed it! I never realized that these sandwiches were a regional item. The rest of the country is really missing a good sandwich.

I have a couple of drive-ins you can add to your lists - Woody's Root Beer Stand in Canton and Fundays Rootbeer Stand in Dover.

Christine T. from Canton, Ohio

March 2010 - I was searching the internet for the recipe and came across your site. How wonderful. I'm originally from Wellington, Ohio (Lorain County) and we enjoyed these at our county fair every year. I now live in Lexington, KY. and no one knows what I am talking about when I ask for a shredded chicken sandwich. I enjoyed your story, much like mine. Thanks so much.

Sandi S. from Lexington, Kentucky

March 2010 - Love the web site! It is nice to see others have had similar experiences to mine.

I grew up in both Mt. Vernon and Mansfield, Ohio. One of my favorite sandwiches was always the shredded chicken sandwich. I can remember moms would have huge crock pots full of shredded chicken for the team after every sporting event. Growing up, it seemed this was a sandwich you could always get at every drive-in or concession stand.

My dad was transferred to Kansas my junior year of high school. I can remember that every time I said anything about shredded chicken sandwiches to anyone in Kansas, they had never heard of them. I assumed the sandwich must never have made it past the Mississippi River.

Once I finished college, my work took me all over the country. Every time I would see a drive-in, I would stop so I could get a shredded chicken sandwich. Nobody ever had one. Every time I would mention it to someone, they would look at me weird and say they never heard of it. I just couldn't believe this wasn't something you could get anywhere.

When work took me near north central Ohio, I always made a point of stopping for shredded chicken sandwiches. Usually this would be at the Warrior Drive-In, located in Ontario, OH. I would always get a bag of Jones Salt & Vinegar chips to go with it (or them... usually 2, sometimes 3).

My desire for these sandwiches was so bad; I decided I needed to learn how to make them myself. The only problem was they were so expensive to make. Outside of Ohio, you could never find a very big can of canned chicken. I think it would be almost $4 or $5 for the small can of chicken (like the size of a normal tuna can). It was hard to feed many friends on a couple of those small cans. I decided that if I was going to spend that kind of money on the chicken so my friends could experience shredded chicken sandwiches, it was definitely worth mail ordering Jones Salt & Vinegar chips to go with them. Needless to say, everyone loved them. [Eric's recipe can be found on our recipes web page.]

Fortunately, I now live in Port Clinton, OH and can get a shredded chicken sandwich any time I want. I still try and keep it a treat though. I love to tell people around here that nobody else in the county has ever heard of a shredded chicken sandwich. They can't believe it either.

Eric H. from Port Clinton, Ohio

March 2010 - I am from Kenton Ohio (Hardin County). I am 69 years old and we folks from this area have enjoyed shredded chicken sandwiches forever. The rest of the world doesn't know what it is missing. Way to go OHIO.

Enjoyed your website very much.

Mary J. from Kenton, Ohio

February 2010 - I just read about your quest for shredded chicken sandwiches. I grew up in Seneca County, near Tiffin. At all summer socials held at the local Catholic parishes, chicken sandwiches and homemade chicken soup were a magnet for hungry crowds. When I was a child in the 50's, the farmers even butchered their chickens around social time, so the chicken was a day away from the chicken yard and coop. A lot of the church socials in the summer still serve them. We had great chicken sandwiches one year at the Gourd Festival held in central Ohio. You can still find stands that serve chicken sandwiches - one is in Bettsville Ohio. It is very good. Seneca County could definitely fill your hunger. Enjoy.

Carol Y. from Ohio

February 2010 - Hi, I'm from Ashland, Ohio, and there is the Ashland-Wooster Drive In on East Main Street. They have the best shredded chicken sandwich I have ever had! I am living in Germany now, and I am craving one. But it is definitely a place worth checking out. If you need to get ahold of me, feel free :) Bye

Jaimie S. from Germany

February 2010 - I've been craving a shredded chicken sandwich, so decided to get online to find a recipe and happened to see your article and as I further down the page I saw that you grew up in Newark, Ohio. I grew up in Granville.

I didn't realize that I was having a craving from my past ("Harolds" the Ice cream place by the IGA), until I read your article. I'm dating myself, I know. I don't think Harold's is even there anymore. [It's now called Knuckle Heads.] Anyway, thanks for the article!

Jean S. from Landen, Ohio

January 2010 - My son, born in Bluffton OH and raised in Columbus, OH is now 28 and lives in Wash. D.C. When he's home, he has a list of foods to indulge in and/or stock up on to take home: Vernors gingerale, Conn's potato chips, Donato's pizza, etc. - - and of course the shredded chicken sandwich. Our favorite is in Mt. Victory, on Rt. 31 from the Belly Acre (no, I did not make that up!)

Mt. Victory is a little crossroads with a defunct grain elevator, a dozen antique shops and a coffee shop. If you go, watch out for low flying aircraft that are landing across the road to have dinner at the truck stop! Or maybe they're coming in for the shredded chicken sandwich! Thanks for the site!

JP from Columbus, Ohio

January 2010 - I just came across your website while looking up recipes. I read some other people's comments, and they missed one very important place. If you want to buy shredded chicken in bulk, stop by Miller's poultry, south of Sandusky. It's located just south of St Rt 99 and St Rt 4, not far from the Ohio Turnpike. Actually, it's shredded turkey, but it's the best by far, and most likely what you're getting if you order a sandwich from any nearby restaurant. It beats Roots sandwiches by far - we always serve it for parties - especially graduation parties. It comes frozen, so it would survive a road trip home, then just heat it up & enjoy!


January 2010 - Wow! Who knew so many people miss shredded chicken sandwhiches! I live around Peoria, Illinois now, but was born and raised in Fostoria, Ohio. No one here has heard of shredded chicken either! I love going home and getting the tasty treats at our local Dairy Queen or other ice cream stands. Thought I'd make some for the folks here to try. Thanks for the site.

Leann C. from Peoria, Illinois

January 2010 - I just want to say thank you for this website! My girlfriend and I live in Southern California now and we grew up in Sandusky and LOVE shredded chicken. When we first came out here we had a party and wanted to serve up some good old fashioned shredded chicken, and when we went to the store and asked for it they looked at us like we were crazy! We were stunned! But everytime I go back to Sandusky in the summer time I always have to stop at Golly Gee. Its a little ice cream/food place that I started going to as a kid after little league games and I think that is where my obsession with shredded chicken has come from. Not to mention all the graduation parties with shredded chicken too! So I just wanted to let you know about Golly Gee in Sandusky and I would definitely give it 5 chickens because they are the best shredded chicken sandwiches ever, and I have to get at least two of them everytime I am there. Thanks again!

Kyle from Redondo Beach, California

January 2010 - Thanks for the website! I was looking for the recipe when I found you. I am also from Newark and have been gone for 16 years. I presently live in Houston, TX and make at least two trips a year back to Newark. I always get a shredded chicken sandwich at the Dairy Isle by the tracks on 30th Street. I am a teacher and the faculty will be having a "crock pot" lunch next week. I thought about making these. I will have to add a little note about the sandwiches roots.

Thanks again for sharing your knowledge!

Shelly B. from Houston, Texas

January 2010 - Just ran across your site looking for a recipe for shredded chicken sandwiches. Like you I've moved from Ohio to Georgia to Colorado and back to Georgia (with the Army) and no one knows about these. I don't know if they still have them but the court house in Zanesville used to have some pretty good sandwiches there a few years ago (maybe around 1998-2002). I'm from the Pataskala area by the way.

David F. from Georgia

December 2009 - On our way to Lake Erie we go through Attica, there is a drive-in at the north end of the city on Route 4, the only one in town and I don't know the name but they opened under new management last year. They have a great shredded chicken sandwich! If you go and it is fall, they have a apple dumpling sundae that is wonderful. Homemade apple dumpling, warmed with ice cream and carmel sauce. Just started them this year! Enjoy

Bruce B. from Ohio

December 2009 - I just wanted to say thank you for the website. I too grew up in Central Ohio (Bellville) and moved to northern California 12 years ago. I thought about shredded chicken sandwiches a lot when I first moved here, but was soon overwhelmed by the many choices of food in this diverse area and forgot for a while. I told my girlfriend Michele about these and she made them a couple of months ago. She made a big batch of shredded chicken in the crockpot and we would take small portions of that and toy around with variations until the batch was gone. One thing I absolutely cannot find in California is a CAN of shredded boneless chicken. We visited Ohio recently, went to the local grocery store and there it was. I packed it in my suitcase to bring back...along with some Jones Potato chips. We opened it the other night and voila...can of boneless chicken, can or two of Campbells cream of chicken and some Ritz crackers. Just like home.

When we visited Ohio, there was a new little place in Lexington called The Hungry Heifer. They have shredded chicken sandwiches. You may want to add it to the list.

Ben H. from northern California

December 2009 - Doug & Edna's Ice Cream, a seasonal ice cream stand, located on Route 12 in Pandora, Ohio has one of the best shredded chicken sandwiches.

Kim B. from Ohio

November 2009 - I am so glad I found your site. Was looking to make these for the OSU/MI game this year. I crave these ever since my track meet days in Oak Harbor, Ohio at Regionals. It was always so cold, and these scrumptious, midwestern sandwiches were just the thing we needed. I thought everyone knew what these were, but have found out otherwise. Thanks again for setting the recipe straight and taking the time to share! Go Bucks!

Aimee R. from Maumee, Ohio

November 2009 - I was on line looking for a shredded chicken sandwich recipe when I came across your web site. I guess you don't realize what you have until you are unable to get it. Another drive-in you can add to your list for serving hot shredded chicken sandwiches is K C's Drive In located in Orrville, Ohio, on High Street right across from the park. The drive in has been there for many years with car hop service. They have always had the hot creamy chicken sandwiches. K C's is open year round. Their chicken sandwiches are very good and very messy to eat!

Art H.

November 2009 - I just wanted to say thank you for building this website. I am from Ohio and joined the military at 17. I've now had the pleasure of traveling but I miss the cooking from home. I'm currently stationed in Texas and while they have many Dairy Queens none of them have my favorite Shredded Chicken sandwich. I have a very diverse group of friends & they all love it now too! Thanks again!

Noelle K. from Bellefontaine, Ohio

October 2009 - Hello and THANKS!!! I have been looking for a shredded chicken sandwich recipe for quite some time and I even live in Ohio! I have asked many people how they fix them and most of the time I just get "add cream of _____ soup to it". Well, been there done that and it ain't quite right. Tried the crackers also, but still don't get that certain taste. I have tasted only a few that were just plain DELICIOUS! One was at an anniversary party a few years back, but my cousin couldn't remember how it was fixed. The closest comes from "The Creamery" in Delphos. The only problem with theirs is that it makes me burp afterwards. Not sure if the chickens were fed sulfur water or some ingredient has some sulfur in it (??eggs if they use that ingredient). Anyhow, I was looking on the internet again to find a shredded chicken recipe to use for my mom's surprise birthday party coming up and found this website. I have learned not only some recipes, but also that the shredded chicken sandwich phenomenon is mostly a northwest Ohio thing. WOW!! Makes me feel kind of special that we can lay claim to something so simple yet remain an isolated treat. I have grown up in Spencerville, Ohio and continue to live here. I lived in Columbus for about 3 years when I went to college (OSU---go BUCKS!), but come to think of it I never did eat any shredded chicken sandwiches there nor even seen them on menus when I have traveled outside the area or state. The comment section was fun to read and actually entertaining to find so many of us northwest Ohioians craving these sandwiches through the years. Guess growing up in the Midwest has its advantages---great homecooking! Enjoyed the website and wish me happy eating.

Tammy C. in Spencerville, Ohio

October 2009 - I was simply looking for a shredded chicken recipe when I was so lucky to have found you!!! I have had a ball going through the site. I, too, thought EVERYBODY, EVERYWHERE knew what a shredded chicken sandwich was......Ha! I was so wrong!

Week after next is The Pumpkin Show here in Pickaway county. Many of the church booths will be selling shredded chicken.

Thanks for such a fun site! I have sent the addresss to all my email friends.

Rita G. in Circleville, Ohio

October 2009 - Waynes Tastee Freeze on Chestnut Street in Coshocton Ohio has first-rate chicken sandwiches. I had the same experience--leave central Ohio, and you never see these! Thanks for the website, recipe, etc.

Tom M. in Coshocton, Ohio

October 2009 - I just found your web site and will forward to all of my Sandusky friends to correct my statement about shredded chicken sandwiches. I moved to Columbus in 1982 and never saw a shredded chicken sandwich - not even in the OSU hospital cafeteria. I moved to Sandusky in 1992 where I was first exposed to the sandwich. It is a must at every large gathering, especially graduation parties. The only brand people will purchase here is Roots. The sandwich I sampled does not have a cream base, just broth. I have always enjoyed informing the locals that no one ate these sandwiches except them. They are always in shock since of course they grew up with them so just assumed it was something everyone ate. Now I have to correct that statement somewhat but it is still true that it is an Ohio phenom. I saw that Sandusky was not on the map so just wanted to let you know it is huge here. I probably could not name all of the places that one could purchase this. In Huron they claim to have the best at the Pied Piper ice cream stand. Thank you for the information!

M. M. in Sandusky, Ohio

September 2009 - Wow, what a great surprise. I was surfing the web for "shredded chicken sandwiches" and came across your site. I moved to eastern PA in 2001 and nobody here seems to know what it is. But the biggest shocker on your site is where you are from, because so am I! Yep, Newark Ohio! Most of my family still lives there.

Anyway, just had to drop you a note and tell you I know how you feel when looking for something that you had no idea was exclusive to one small town in Ohio until you move away.

Damita B., a former Nerk Ahian, now in Pennsylvania

September 2009 - I grew up in North Baltimore, and these became my favorite of all sandwiches early on. I had no idea they were THIS regional, I figured it was more of a midwest thing. My husband, a Virginia native (where we now live) had never heard of this delicacy before I forced one on him at the Wood County Fair years ago, but it has become one of his favorite things about the fair and is always the first stop we make! I've always seen them served from slow cookers, but in my looooooong search for a recipe, none so much as mentioned this. I'm so glad to find your website and will be trying your basic recipe tonight!

Since the fair probably doesn't count, the only other place I knew to regularly serve them was the Daily Queen in North Baltimore... though I haven't been there for about 15 years. Still, if you (for some reason) ever find yourself in that little town (off 1-75 between Findlay and Bowling Green) in summer, might be worth checking out. It's just at the beginning of down town (which is all of two blocks long), a little white walk-up ice cream place. Thanks again!

Emily R. in Virginia

September 2009 - We just bought a small crockpot and got hungry for the real shredded chicken sandwich they serve in this area of NW Ohio. Found your website, the internet shrine of shredded chicken, and we will try your recipe. I think there is always a pot of this stuff bubbling somewhere in Napoleon because every church bazaar, county fair booth, and local restaurants offer these tasty sandwiches year round. I've lived in many states, have never seen them any place but Ohio.

Carolyn R. in Napoleon, Ohio

September 2009 - I am originally from Kentucky. I moved to Ohio when I was 15. I graduated from Triad High School in North Lewisburg, Ohio and they always served shredded chicken at all the ball games. This is the first time I remember having a shredded chicken sandwich. I seem to associate the shredded chicken sandwich with fall. So, I was searching the internet for a good, easy recipe and found this site. Very enjoyable site! I have passed the link on to my family members who have moved back to Kentucky. I'm sure the shredded chicken will be the next star at the next Egypt Christian Church supper.

Jennie S. in Baltimore, Ohio

September 2009 - I too had googled "shredded chicken sandwiches" to refresh my memory of the ingredients. That is when I came across your website. That was so fun coming acrossed it. I noticed you had rated 4 chickens to a former employer of mine, "Mick's Dari Stop" (now O'Moos) in Newark. That really brought back memories and that is where I loved to have the shredded chicken sandwiches with lettuce & pickle (my own creation)! Never would have realized these sandwiches are native to these parts of the States. We will be selling shredded chicken sandwiches at our local high school volleyball invitational this weekend. The sandwiches are a big hit and they are usually sold out! Thank you for this as I have enjoyed your website.

Sandy P. in Newark, Ohio

August 2009 - I just found your website. I am a pastor at a small United Methodist Church in Georgia - who is originally from Northern Ohio. Recently I convinced our congregation to try a different type of fundraiser - a shredded chicken luncheon! Those who sampled Roots Shredded Chicken loved it though one wanted it barbequed!

Pastor Tom C. in Georgia

August 2009 - How funny this is. I am from Marion, Ohio and I'm looking for a good chicken sandwich recipe. The best one I've come across is from a man who is now retired. When ever there was a pot luck, he always got elected to bring his chicken. I can not get ahold of him, but it sounds alike like your Aunt Dorothys. But I know he added chicken seasoning and no soup. I think I will try Aunt Dorothy's.

Judy in Marion, Ohio

July 2009 - Just wanted to let you know that your Aunt Dorothy rocks! I tried her recipe yesterday and was instantly transported from 107 degrees in Tucson, Arizona to pleasant, temperate Ohio. I also need to let you know that I had baked a chicken the day before and used that, instead of boiled chicken, and added canned chicken stock. It still worked like a charm. Thank you so much, and please thank your Aunt Dorothy for me.

Sue E. in Tucson, Arizona

July 2009 - I got this craving and found your site while sorting through all the so called shredded chicken sandwich recipes. It was like a reunion - reading all of the comments from relocated Ohioans about their cravings, disappointments, and desires to find a replacement for this much loved sandwich. I also grew up in Newark and got hooked on shredded chicken sandwiches while working in the snack bar at the Babe Ruth Ballpark in the south end of town. I always figured it was more of a fond memory - because I also enjoyed the sloppy joe sandwiches served at the cafeteria at Licking Memorial. It was the way they served it on a toasted bun. I thought it had more to do with the memory of hanging out with my mom while she worked in the gift shop just like the chicken sandwich had more to do with the baseball park and listening to Led Zeppelin on the radio while eating and drinking my share of junk food and watching the cute boy I liked play baseball. I never thought this memory could actually be a culinary delight revered by so many!!! I've been back to Newark twice this year due to family illnesses and had no idea how close I was to making my memory a reality!!! Next time the list of restaurants goes with me.

Laura S. in Florida

July 2009 - I was searching for chicken sandwiches with the ones they used to have at the Tastee Freeze in Bowling Green, Ohio. I found your website and here were all these people from places I know. (BG, Newark, Holgate) I will definitely try the Southside Six when I am in Bowling Green thanks to Dan S. I hear they have really good Gyros, too. And thanks for the recipes.

Glenna F. H.

July 2009 - I too am an Ohio native who moved away (I landed in western KY) and have been craving shredded chicken since. My husband thought I meant pulled chicken which was awful, so in my attempt to explain it to him we found your website, but I am afraid it lead to more confusion. You missed the shredded chicken capital of Ohio! Fremont, Roots is based there ( and Woodys drive in. It's a little different, that area doesn't have the "cream" factor that the recipes you listed have (no cream soups or flour), but it is the style my family has always made. I give it 5 out of 5 hens, it's fantastic. I'm going to have to get a crock pot and make a batch my self before I explode.

Jenn W. in Kentucky

July 2009 - Wow was I happy to find this website. My daughter just graduated from Grandview and is a 10 letter athlete. Needless to say --- she's had her fair share of chicken sandwiches and LOVES LOVES LOVES them. However, I've never made them. Got a recipe years ago from a wrestling tourney, but someone else made them. I thought perhaps I'd make a big batch for our son to take back to college for his new college aptartment and then for our daughter when she comes home from her freshman year at OU for a surprise. I'm sure she (like her brother) will be bringing home friends and I think they're all pulled porked out!

Thanks so much!

Tracy L. in Grandview Heights, Ohio

July 2009 - I, too, am from Newark, Ohio. I went south to North Carolina about 23 years ago and have missed the chicken sandwich the most, I think. I was telling my daughter about it and we finally made it back to Newark last summer where she actually got to try her first one. Now, nothing else will do.

I searched everywhere we went for that sandwich and like you, was never able to find it or even a close approximation of it anywhere. I plan to try Aunt Dorothy's basic recipe. I have even wondered if I could get a cousin to buy a quart of the chicken, freeze it and ship it in dry ice. That's how much I missed that darned sandwich. Thanks for posting this recipe.

Kathy H. from North Carolina

July 2009 - This is awesome!! I am printing the recipe and trying it tonight. I moved away from Sandusky, Ohio 30 years ago and there are just some things you can not find. We went back about 4 years ago and shredded chicken was just one of the awaited items!!

Along with seeing lightening bugs; fries with vinegar; Tofts ice cream - that is another thing.... ice cream stands just aren't the same!! And awe yes the buckeye candies.

Thanks so much for sharing the recipe.... can't wait to try it!


July 2009 - Love this site! Growing up in Newark, chicken sandwiches were a summer staple and until I found your webpage I had no idea they were a regional trend. Thanks for taking the time to make us smile.

Julie L. in Newark Ohio

June 2009 - There are several locations here in Van Wert, Ohio. Thanks for your site!

From Van Wert, Ohio

June 2009 - Hi! We're so happy to find your web site. We live in Arizona, but I grew up in Central Ohio and absolutely L-O-V-E shredded chicken sandwiches.

I never miss an opportunity to have more than my fair share whenever I visit which, unfortunately, is only once a year. If we're there the first week in September, Fredericktown has its annual Tomato Show, and Main Street is closed from the Gazebo at the South end to First Street at the North end. One of the local organizations always has a booth where they sell to-die-for chicken sandwiches.

Several years ago we were in Mt. Vernon at a coin show, and sure enough, they were serving shredded chicken sandwiches. And when we had an estate sale after my Dad died, some of the local ladies made a big batch and brought them over for the "lookers and buyers." You can bet I had more than two!

But, when I visit my Mom, who still lives in Fredericktown, I walk across the street to the bulk store and get a couple of sandwiches to go. They have a tiny "deli" in the store.

I recently was in the hospital and my husband knew that, as soon as I got home and was able to eat solid food, I would REALLY like to have a shredded chicken sandwich. When he was looking up the phone number for the bulk store so he could call to get the recipe, he came across your web site.

Wow!! We're trying all the recipes, and we'll let you know which one we deem the "let's fly to Ohio for a chicken sandwich" best. Thanks again for posting!

Sue and Dick E. in Tucson, Arizona

June 2009 - I have been searching for "the" chicken sandwich since I left Newark in 1950. One of our neighbors said it was just shredded chicken, broth and salt and pepper, but it never tasted like the ones we used to get at the root beer stand. Love your recipes and look forward to trying them.

There is nothing like it here outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Thanks for the Web site.

Janet M. near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

June 2009 - I am also from central Ohio and have searched high and low for good shredded chicken in Northwest Ohio. Here in Bowling Green my favorite party store/Lebanese cookery (South Side Six, corner of Napoleon Road and South Main Street) has started selling very passable shredded chicken sandwiches. While you are there, you can also buy the best Hummus in all of the Midwest.

Dan S. in Bowling Green, Ohio

June 2009 - My daughter, now living in Chicago area was looking for a chicken receipie and sent this to me, as we live in Newark, and all our kids grew up on chicken sandwiches, and we just took them for granted. So glad to read your article, and it sure touched a soft spot in my daughter's heart as well as mine. They are really good sandwiches. As a teen ager she worked for Dairy Isle where they sell many every day.

Nancy in Newark, Ohio

May 2009 - I have been combing the internet for a good recipe for shredded chicken sandwiches. The best one I've ever had is from a Dairy Queen in North Canton, Ohio on Cleveland Ave., 44720. It is called Ro's Dairy Isle. I have also had great ones at the Mount Vernon Fair in Mount Vernon, Ohio. Most recently, I have discovered great shredded chicken sandwiches at Shakes Pizza and Creams on 17th Street SW, Canton, Ohio. This is a fairly new establishement that is open year-round. I really enjoyed your article, as I too am a connisuer of the sandwiches.


May 2009 - I grew up around Delaware, mostly north of town. My dad and I would go to the Whipple's ice cream shop in Ashley. It's on the east side of the tracks at the intersection of 229 and 42, right in the center of downtown. I don't know how they made them. No one where I live now near Tacoma, WA has ever heard of them. I'm a decent cook, but I had to look for a recipe ... seems to be quite a few, guess I've got some experimenting to do.

Jon G. in Tacoma, Washington

April 2009 - I, too, am from Defiance, Ohio. I was looking for a recipe for my upcoming sandwich shop that used pulled chicken, when I clicked on the link for recipes nothing happened. Could you e-mail Aunt Dorothy's recipe? If I decide to use it in my operation I will call it Aunt Dorothy's chicken sandwich.

Paul in Fort Myers, Florida

April 2009 - For Alteta in Tampa and anyone else interested. Forget boned chicken in a can. I've tried Keystone twice and we were disappointed in the resulting bland taste. For less price plus a dinner for two, try a rotisserie chicken from your favorite super market. Our leftovers gave us about four cups of chicken which produced wonderful shredded chicken. My third try using rotisserie chicken is being simmered as I type this. When perfected I'll add the results to the recipe page. Meanwhile your search for the perfect home shredded chicken will be enhanced with a roasted chicken (with your favorite flavors).

John D. in Dublin, Ohio

April 2009 - I love this web-site and it is just what I needed since I have had a rough past 3 days looking for boned chicken in a can at my local supermarkets and supercenters. Here is the thing, I too am from Newark and in fact my parents ran the Carlson's Kampus Korner from when I was in 8th grade till after I graduated high school. For those who don't know this place it was an ice cream shop within walking distance from Newark High School. So I know how to make the sandwiches just fine, it is finding the right ingredients.

My family was just down visiting this past week for spring break and we were talking about the best sandwiches in the world. So I was craving them and decided to make them but then my heart was broke only to realize I can't find the canned boned chicken. I called my sister right away and asked where can I find this and she told me Wal-Mart. Yea right! I said maybe they don't carry this stuff down here and she laughed and said "I don't think that people from Ohio is the only place that eats chicken sandwiches". I agreed and felt kind of stupid for saying that so on I went and I finally just bought breast of chicken in water (maybe better for you but it is not the same taste at all). I made it last night and like I said not the same taste at all, good but not the best sandwiches in the world. I have brought them to work to pass out because I just can't eat them!

Anyhow, I will check back on your website to see any new postings and if I do find a retailer that sells the right ingredients I will post it. (And maybe our recipe if my dad lets me :).

Aleta in Tampa, Florida

March 2009 - I love your web site! In Fostoria, OH it is the Dairy Queen for what I term "squishy chicken sandwiches". Oh, the weird looks when I ask for that elsewhere! Seems that every year they change the recipe a bit - used to be better than it was last year.

Cindy M. in Georgia

March 2009 - I've just found your website and I must say I am shocked! Shocked and dismayed! I grew up in Wooster and shredded chicken sandwiches have always simply been a part of life; it never occurred to me that others would not know of this delight. I have been living in Baltimore for several years and, like you, have experienced culture shock in a variety of ways but this seems to be the most distressing, not only for me, but for my concern for all the lost souls who have never had a shredded chicken sandwich! I am 11 weeks pregnant and almost all food is revolting. But the shredded chicken sandwich holds itself up as a shining beacon of culinary goodness that I could actually stomach: and I can't get one! When I started asking around, everyone either looked at me blankly or mentioned buying a tub of shredded BBQ chicken at the grocery store. They do not understand. I am considering holding a shredded chicken sandwich party to spread the good word, and I know what I'll be bringing to the next office pot luck. Thank you for sharing this surprising finding!

Erin C. in Baltimore, Maryland

March 2009 - I really enjoyed reading your article this morning. We live in Defiance, Ohio and have enjoyed those sandwiches for years in this area. Most all our local "mom and pop" restaurants will serve them. One of the best places to find them are the soft serve ice cream shops, like Eric's All American. I also bought them for my Dad when I'd visit him in Lima at the Sharon King Dairy Bar on West Elm St.

We understand your delight in these wonderful delights, as do most people in NW Ohio. You will see them at almost every home for graduation parties, wedding showers, etc.

I got on your site this morning because we are going to Florida later this week and might want to make them at our daughter's house while we are there. I was just brushing up on the ingredients!

Deb and Don D. in Defiance, Ohio

Feb 2009 - I am in Newark,Ohio and Love these. I was searching for recipe for a birthday party and came across your site. I am amazed that only Ohio has these. I love them and can't imagine not having them. The Buckeye Breeze Thru in Thornville, Ohio has them and they are great.

Joyce in Newark, Ohio

Feb 2009 - I was looking for a shredded chicken recipe and came across your web site. I LOVE shredded chicken sandwiches. I was raised around Mansfield, Ohio and grew up with them at church socials and grange meetings along with at home. Now I live in northern Indiana where the shredded chicken sandwich does not exist. I tried to make them myself a while back, but I used only chicken breasts. The chicken was definitely missing something. What I remember were sandwiches that came from chickens that had probably been freshly killed and cooked most likely the same day. Anyway, thanks for the list of drive-ins and restaurants!! Can't wait to take a drive to Ohio and try some places!

Kathy H. in Indiana

Jan 2009 - My wife and I grew up in Mansfield, Ohio and have lived all over the country. Shredded chicken sandwiches are definately a local phenomenon. We live in Texas now. A trip back to Ohio is not complete without a shredded chicken sandwich from Dairy Land and Jones potato chips.

Marvin Z. in Texas

Jan 2009 - Just wanted to thank you for this site and the recipes! I grew up in Lima, OH, and now live in Missouri. No one here has heard of shredded chicken and none of my Internet recipe searches turned up anything for these sandwiches! Until I found your site! I made them today for lunch and my kids loved them, of course.

I had no idea this was a regional "thing" and I just can't believe the rest of the country has not discovered them. What would a potluck, family reunion or potluck be without a crock pot full of shredded chicken?!

Thanks for the fun trip down memory lane.

Janet H. in Jefferson City, Missouri

Jan 2009 - My heart goes out to all who never tasted the shredded chicken sandwich from Ken's Kones in Centerburg, Ohio. Located just south of Centerburg on Route 36, this independent drive in provided the best shredded chicken sandwich we (my wife and I) have ever tasted.

Our journeys to our original home, Mount Vernon, from Dublin, Ohio would always include a stop at Kent's Kones for a lunch that rivaled the best restaurants in Columbus. If lunch was missed then our return trip always included a Ken's Kones dinner for that evening.

Alas, Ken's Kones was sold during the 2008 winter. Our visit will the new owners happened during their first day of operation. Sadly the shredded chicken was not up to the previous owner's unsurpassed standards. We realize the first day is not the best day to sample new cuisine so we remain hopeful the original recipe was passed on and just in need of fine tuning. We will be trying them again this spring.

Meanwhile our search will continue. We can advise of drive ins throughout the state that don't approach the Shredded Chicken Utopia we found in Centerburg. Scratch Plain City (too much pepper), Route 42 west of Delaware (bland), Frazysburg's Dairy Isle (too corporate), the home of the original shredded sandwich for us, the Band Booth (is this a lost art?) and countless others.

Forget northern Ohio. Nothing found there either.

Because of our mutual craving for the ultimate shredded chicken sandwich I am in the early stages of perfecting a recipe worthy of the gods. (The web search for ideas led me to your wondrous web site.) While my wife pleads and warns to "keep it simple, stupid!", I know that the secret ingredient must be found. Next try will include a tablespoon of lemon. How does that sound? Maybe a tablespoon or two of Mayo.

Or perhaps I can find out Ken's last name and track him down.

John D. in Dublin, Ohio

Jan 2009 - As a former Galion, Ohio resident (Crawford County). I have been in search of the beloved shredded chicken sandwich. My dad and I call them North School Fall Festival Chicken Sandwiches. Because at my elementary school, there was always a huge roaster pan filled with this creamy delight.

I bought my mother a roaster for Christmas this year. The eyes of my dad and mine are sparkling with delight at the thought of that roaster filled with shredded chicken.

I am on my knees sending praise your way for this website. I can hardly wait to get to the grocery store to buy my ingredients.

God Bless you... and God Bless shredded chicken sandwiches.

Tami H. from Galion, Ohio

Dec 2008 - Your website is totally cracking me up! I was googling "shredded chicken sandwiches" and I came across your website. As a resident of Wooster Ohio, and formerly Columbus, Ohio, I had no idea that this was a REGIONAL phenomenon. I started to get that idea just before I searched the world wide web though, because there were no recipes in any of my cookbooks (and I have a lot of cookbooks!). I have enjoyed reading all the anecdotes from various parts of Ohio, but I just wanted to put my two cents in from Wooster! It is New Year's Eve and I am boiling my chicken even as we speak, so wish me luck!

Kathy W. in Wooster, Ohio

P.S. I ended up deciding to make my shredded chicken by adding two cans of Cream of Mushroom soup, and nothing else and they were beyond fabulous!!

Dec 2008 - What a wonderful surprise to find your website! Both sets of my grandparents lived in Tiffin, OH. When we would visit them we would take Rt 18 into Tiffin, stopping to visit the farm family before heading to the town family. But first, we would stop at the A&W stand and get chicken sandwiches and root beer. WHAT A TREAT!

When we moved to Cleveland, OH, there was nothing that could even come close to that tasty treat, so our mother started to make them. She used the same recipe as your Aunt Dorothy. I remember her using a metal shaker with some milk and flour (I got to shake it carefully) to make the thickening. We will get together with my brother for New Year's Eve and I wanted to make the sandwiches, but was not sure of the recipe. AND THERE YOU WERE! with the recipe just as I remembered.

Connie S. in Novelty, Ohio

Oct 2008- I have found the ultimate shredded chicken sandwich in a small town called Richwood Ohio. It's about 15-20 minutes from where I live in Marysville, Ohio. It's called Curbside Cones. These are FABULOUS! Just had one two weeks ago on a whim. YUM! Please add them.

Michele in Marysville, Ohio

Sept 2008 - Thanks for the website. I have to make sandwiches for tonight and couldn't remember the part about the crackers. Every other website seemed confused by the terms creamy chicken sandwiches. I live in Rockford, Ohio and the Tastee Twirl carries the sandwiches there. They are very good and cost under $2.

Jenne F. in northwest Ohio

Sept 2008 - I don't have any locations for these sandwiches, but I know exactly what you're talking about. I lived in Vanatta and just south of dry run road on Rt 13 was a little dairy bar that sold the most delicious shredded chicken sandwich ever. That was about 45 years ago. I believe they were 5 for a dollar. Then nine years ago I was at the Circleville pumpkin festival and there was a cheerleader's booth selling shredded chicken sandwiches. So close to what I remember. I asked one of the mothers who had the recipe and was told it came from a can. Nobody knew the name on the can. I've searched the internet looking for the recipe. I've asked lots of people. Then today my wife comes home and says she just happened across this web site, your web site. I always thought the chicken was in a white sauce. I know it was moist and tender and it stayed on the bun, party size buns it seems.

Thank you for posting the recipe, Shawn L.

Sept 2008 - Hi, I just wanted to comment on the site. First I think it's great. Second, I live in Powhatan Point Ohio (Belmont County). We serve these at the local football games (River) and feed the teams and Longaberger Basket Bingos. They're great.

I came across the site when a co-worker asked me how to make them and number of servings etc. I have brought them in and Buffalo Chicken Dip for food days and they are a tremendous hit and were quite the mystery. BTW I work in Pittsburgh!

Dan W. in Pittsburgh

Aug 2008 - I am so happy and excited about your page. We are Ohio Natives and love the shredded chicken sandwhiches. My husband grew up in Bluffton (Allen County) and they are very popular there. We were in Allen County for our Honeymoon and had them from the Dairy Freeze in Bluffton and the Allen county Fair Vendors were selling them. I was looking for recipes, as we had this delightful dish at our wedding and it was a big hit. My cousin is getting married in November and wants this for her wedding. I live in Delaware now, and you can barely find the cans of shredded chicken here. So Quados to you and your site; you've made 2 people very happy.

Bobbi P. in Newark, Delaware

2008 - So listen, I too am from Newark. I moved to Indianapolis in 1991. I too suffered from not being able to get this stuff here! It is so funny the reaction I get when I mention "shredded chicken" here. Everyone thinks I'm talking about shredded with BBQ sauce. I'm glad to find your page.

Mike D. in Indianapolis

Aug 2008 - I grew up in St. Marys , Ohio, and the family went to the root beer stand at the lake every Saturday night for supper. We would get a shredded chicken sandwich and a cold, frosty mug of root beer. But atlas, everything has to change and the root beer stand is gone....but I did find another place (Tastee Treet Dairy Bar) just last year that has some delicious chicken sandwiches.

I live in Southeast Ohio now and can't find anyplace down here that makes them. I did find during the Parade of the Hills, there was a vendor from Circleville and had something to do with NASCAR. Those sandwiches came real close to what I had as a kid.

I really like your website and have it bookmarked, just in case I get someplace close.

Barbara A. in Ohio

Aug 2008 - I Enjoyed reading your article on shredded chicken sandwiches. I went to the website to find a quick recipe for my Ohioan husband. Some one told me their recipe is shredded chicken, little milk, one beaten egg, and some bread crumbs cooked.

Dani K.

Aug 2008 - I am having a church get together at my house and wanted to do the shredded chicken sandwiches. So upon searching for a recipe for the sandwiches I found your website. I noticed that the Dairy Queen here in Gahanna is listed as serving these shredded chicken sandwiches so since my son works at that dairy queen I as him how they are made and he said they only use the canned chicken and cream of mushroom soup. I think I am going to use cream of mushroom soup with the idiot recipe because another member at my church said that the boosters makes it with the canned chicken, Ritz crackers and cream of mushroom and sells them at the Gahanna Football games. Thanks for your website it was very helpful.

Jennifer M. in Gahanna, Ohio

Aug 2008 - Your website is a hoot. I too am a transplanted Buckeye, but I visit my hometown frequently and am proud to report that the shredded chicken sandwich is alive and well in Shelby, Ohio (Richland County, near Mansfield). In fact, I don't think you can have a graduation party there without serving them. My niece graduated last year, and every single party we went to (~15) served shredded chicken sandwiches. I am giving my son a party next week and was searching for a good shredded chicken recipe for a crowd and hence found my way to you!

Jill R. in Cazenovia, New York

June 2008 - Thanks for the recipe. I grew up near Steubenville, Ohio and remember these sandwiches being served at all church functions, at graduation parties, funerals, any place there is a crowd to feed. I have recently moved to Newark and see these being served at baseball games, football games, and even at a fundraiser for the school. I am planning on making them for my daughter's baby shower next weekend. The recipe I had was for a large can of chicken, a can of cream of chicken, a can of cream of celery, and a little broth if needed to make it good and sloppy. Throw it into the crock pot and enjoy it all day. Thanks for the website. I was unaware that these sandwiches were so rare outside of Ohio.

Michele in Newark, Ohio

June 2008 - I thought the whole world knew about the ever lovin' shredded chicken sandwich. I'm in Ohio and the best Shredded Chicken I have ever eaten was at the Dairy Queen in Marysville Ohio. Although, it changed hands several years ago, and even though is still quite good, just isn't the same as it was.

Thanks for your great site, Michele in Marysville, Ohio

June 2008 - What a hoot! I live in central Ohio and had NO idea this was a regional thing! Went to look it up on-line and couldn't believe the lack of recipes! I live just north of Columbus (Delaware Co.) I have had the sandwiches through the years and have been to potlucks where they were served, again never dreaming it was anything but a staple! Got a chuckle out of the website and am off to dig-up the recipe scrawled for me from a friend years ago.

By the way, my son is just finishing the Great Ohio Bike Adventure (GOBA) and the mill at Utica was a stop for the several thousand riders. I wonder how many new chicken sandwich converts there are! :-)

Julie M. in Ohio

May 2008 - I was so happy to find your website. I was looking for a shredded chicken recipe and found you. I'm from ohio but moved to MN in 1976 and was sadden to find no shredded chicken sandwich anywhere. I gave up asking for them in restaurants. The best they could come up with is BBQ shredded chicken.....yuck. I'm orginally from the Delphos Ohio area and Delphos has at least 2 places that serve shredded chicken sandwiches and they are delicious! The A & W and The Creamery. The Creamery also has the largest ice cream cones I've ever seen and the price can't be beat. When we were there last, there were cars lined up halfway up the street. Thanks SO MUCH for the recipe! I can't wait to make them.

Sharon L. in Minnesota

May 2008 - Hey I found your web site and there are a lot of places around Lima Ohio that serve shredded chicken sandwiches. All of the ice cream stores and restruants. One of the best places in the area are a local hamburger place called Happy Daz. They are big and they have a lot of flavor.

Dawn T. in Lima, Ohio

May 2008 - I almost fell off my seat when I stumbled across your website. I am making this classic Ohio treat for my husband birthday party. I was checking with some friends, here in Michigan, and none of them had even heard of them. I was floored....I ate them all the time in Ohio (I grew up in Mansfield), even in Columbus I would get them at DQ, and now I still enjoy one at the Richland County Fair.

I was happy to find your website and your recipes. I can't wait to introduce a "Buckeye" sandwich to all my new Wolverine friends.

A "Buckeye" in Michigan

April 2008 - My mother used to make these chicken sandwiches every few months and I was always excited when she did. I have not had one in over 30 years..the last one was a little drive thru restaurant of some kind in Westerville Ohio. I do not remember her recipe at all although I do know she boiled the chicken.

Ron G. in Houston, Texas

April 2008 - I was so excited to find your shredded chicken sandwich website. I grew up in Mansfield, Ohio (Richland County), and they are popular there, too. I'm on the East Coast now, and I get only blank looks when I try to explain what a shredded chicken sandwich is. Most people assume its a BBQ chicken sandwich. The best places to get them is at high school events, but good drive-in ones can be had at JB's and Nicky T's, both in Lexington. Thanks for your website!


April 2008 - We have two locations that serve awesome shredded chicken sandwiches. Cravings and Eric's Ice Cream in Defiance Ohio.

I live in Holgate Ohio and we have hot shredded chicken at every family gathering. We serve it in our concession stands at the ballgames. It is served at graduation parties and all types of events in the area.

I work for a grocery store as an event planner and I set up demos. I am doing a demo for hot shredded chicken during our upcoming graduation event.

Thanks for the website and the recipes. Shelly K. in Holgate, Ohio

March 2008 - I had to chuckle when I found your website about the chicken sandwiches found in Central Ohio, primarily Newark. Born and raised in Newark all of my 50 years, I know exactly what you're talking about. Searching for a good chicken sandwich recipe to serve a crowd of about 150 people at a motorcycle event my husband is organizing, I found many. The only problem was I had a hard time finding the recipe you and I both know and love from Newark. Most were grilled or breaded chicken. That was until I stumbled onto your website. I'm planning on making Aunt Dorothy's basic recipe, because it sounds wonderful.

Thanks for your website. I got a kick out of it. Martha D.
P.S. My brother and sister-law, both from Newark and currently living in VA, always make a trip to the Dairy Isle for a chicken sandwich when they come home!

Jan 2008 - My name is Cheryl, I am from Baltimore Maryland and I love your shredded chicken sandwich site. I have only had one real shredded chicken sandwich in my life. I went to the funeral of my kid's Godmothers (Bea) mother many years ago. It was the day that Ronald Reagan was shot. The funeral was in Celeryville, Ohio.

We all sat around Bea's house after the funeral watching the coverage of the shooting and later on our way out of town stopped at this little soft serve ice cream place, kind of a diary queen type. I have no idea why I ordered it, but I order a heavenly shredded chicken sandwich that was in a clear but not runny sause, kind of like a thick broth. It was on a bun, but not quite a hamburger bun, seeded. It was warm and wonderful. There was nothing on it, kind of a nude shredded chicken sandwich.

At the time I lived in Sunbury, Ohio and that was my first and last trip to Celeryville. I have tested shredded chicken sandwiches every since then and never found one that even came close, they alway make them with a cream sause, and/or add all kinds of weird stuff and it is never the same. Around here they don't even make them.

Cheryl H. from Baltimore, Maryland

Nov 2007 - I have only been in Ohio for a few years but have already fallen in love with the shredded chicken sandwich. These sandwiches are sold at Cream Corner in Sunbury in Delaware County where I live. They are also sold and football games and at chruch functions. I have been searching for the recipe, since it is now that time of season they are unavailable. In my search for the recipe, I have been told by several people the recipe includes oatmeal but have been unable to acquire the complete recipe.

Brenda P. in Ohio

Oct 2007 - I am so happy to have found your web page!! I think it is such an oddity too that these sandwiches can't be found outside of Ohio, and only in certain areas of Ohio. I am originally from Bucyrus Oh where we could pick up a sandwich from nearly any dairy queen, deli, and even gas station. They were always served at our high school events too. As soon as I moved to Columbus and I mentioned them, people looked at me like I was looney. "Who would shred chicken?" is probably my most popular response. They are probably my favorite sandwich and thanks for the tips, now I won't have to go home to get one. :)

Tonya Reed from Ohio

Sept 2007 - I was born in Ohio. I have been away from there for 2 years and no one around here has even heard of shredded chicken sandwiches! I lived in Mansfield and they had them at all the little ice cream shops that served food. My Mom always made them for work lunches and our family reunions. I'm dying down here lol. Guess I'll have to make my own!

Donna Rivera from Texas

2000 - I grew up eating chicken sandwiches. They serve them in restaurants and catering services carry them on their menu. In addition, I know people from Celina and Marion, OH who eat them.

Jenni Knoke from Fremont, Ohio

Feb 2000 - Since I worked at the Daisy Isle (East Main St) while I was in High School the shredded chicken sandwich has moved to Groveport, Ohio. I was in charge of the inside concession stand at the High School last year and this was a big seller with the adults. The kids would look at it and opt for either a hot dog or pizza. The High School band runs the inside concession and I have been associated with it for nine years now. The shredded chicken sells much better than the sloppy joe.

Diane F. from Newark, Ohio

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